Where I Would Buy Kitchens From

The right kitchen manufacturer for you is a bit harder to detect than you may imagine. You will find it quite difficult to distinguish between the good and the bad ones as there is a lot of intelligent advertising designed to catch you off guard. There are a couple of main types of kitchen companies.

The best position to start is the more traditional manner of practicing things.

You will more than likely have seen these companies names about the local area for ages. You may not have used them before but you will recognize the name. The best method of getting a job at these companies is to be related to them as the boss usually upgrades a member of his family above an outsider. As they do not turn over as much as the big firms they have not got as large an marketing budget as them and outlaying a lot on promoting their kitchens will mean they will have to increase their prices to pay for it.

The latest style of kitchen companies.

These firms generally bring in all their kitchens from the far East. They market them into something they really are not and sell them for a large profit. Always remember that all the money these firms spend on their advertisements has to paid for by somebody and no doubt they will include this cost in their selling prices as they can’t be that phenomenal at the supposed 50% off they are offering. Surely most of us recognize this is not the case and is simply a ingenious advertising ploy. Why kitchen firms cannot just give you a costing is beyond me. Why bother to inflate the figure and then say a free washing machine is very trying. They must have a massive mark up on the cost price if they can constantly sell them at half price.

I would much rather deal with a firm that has been established for a long time. This is superb for their customers as they will still be trading if you have a problem with your kitchen after it is fitted. They normally employ their own installers. This means that one of them can pop in at the end of his day to fit you in without it being an issue. With kitchens from the larger firms they will do all they could to get out of anything in the future specially if it may cost them money.

General summary:

1) Go to a firm that someone you know has had a good experience with

2) Run the quote past friends and family

3) Deal with a firm that has been around for a while

I trust you to make the right choice for you and keep the smaller companies in business as they are the future of the kitchen industry.

By Muezza