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Kitchen Container Garden – Think Small

Kitchen Container Garden – Think Small

If you don’t have space for a large kitchen garden, think creatively — try a kitchen container garden. It may be possible to grow a small selection that combines the ornamental with the tasty.

Salad crops such as tomatoes and lettuces are especially good for growing in containers, as they respond well to confinement, they are easy to grow, and you don’t need many small plants for a small family. They can be grown in window boxes or patio pots. Be prepared to stretch your horizons, however, as most vegetables can be grown successfully in containers with a little determination.


Lettuces are really easy to grow and small varieties don’t require much space. Sow a pinch of seeds each week from spring onwards for a succession of hearted lettuce, or choose loose-leaf types such as “salad bowl” so that you can harvest individual leaves over a long period. This does not leave such obvious gaps when you harvest, in comparison with a hearty variety where you used the whole head. Choose different types of lettuce with a variety of leaf shape and color to make attractive displays in troughs, containers or window boxes.

If you choose to grow your lettuce in window boxes, use two or three liner boxes to fit inside a more attractive outer box. Sow in succession in the various boxes, and move those at their most attractive stage into the decorative outer box. When harvesting is over, replaced the inner trough with one containing maturing lettuces and re-sow the one removed.

Other vegetables

Zucchini, cucumbers and most types of peppers can all be grown successfully in growing bags or in large containers such as half barrels. Zucchini can be quite decorative, with large yellow flowers. Some varieties have yellow fruit.

If you don’t mind giving up most of the space on your patio, you can really grow quite a number of different kinds of vegetables in a relatively small space. Use large containers that hold plenty of potting soil, make sure to line the bottom of the containers with pebbles for proper draining, and don’t neglect the watering.

Growing bags are also a solution for the kitchen garden. It is surprising what you can raise in just a few of these bags. You might try spinach, green onions, or early potatoes. While they are quite functional, growing bags are not as attractive as the containers and pots that you may choose to decorate yourself. You may wish to relegate growing bags to a less visible corner of the patio.

All in all, the success of your kitchen container garden is up to you. With just a little tender loving care and a moderate amount of attention, your vegetables will grow to be both beautiful and tasty. Happy planting in your new kitchen container garden!…

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Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO

Currently, the demand for SEO exceeds expectations. As many consumers switched to online, most traditional businesses realized they needed to speed up the transition to digital. SEO can definitely improve ranking. But what else does it provide? What’s going on when SEO grows so rapidly? The below-mentioned reasons for having web marketing should give some clarity, irrespective of industry size and the needs of businesses. Here are some reasons.

1. Local SEO Means Increased Engagement Traffic & Conversions

As part of local SEO, you are increasing local engagement. With local engagement, there is an assumption that business is being talked about in the local area. Increased engagement traffic translates to a lot of website visitors. This will bring more visitors to your website. What you want is a portion of those visitors who are likely to buy.

If you can get them to make an online purchase, your conversion rate will increase tremendously. If your conversion rate is high, you would have secured multiple sales. SEO can benefit businesses without extensive keyword research. It is not wise to guess the search term. If you have already experimented with keywords, then keep experimenting. The most efficient way is to pay attention to the last search terms that customers latest searched for.

2. Good SEO Also Means a Better User Experience.

It will be hard to beat the quality of an uncluttered site with simple information on the most relevant information. SEO definitely helps a better user experience. It also helps increase conversion rates, which are important for a business working with sales and CRM. This is because excellent websites with good content can help reduce conversion rates. According to research, most websites even have poor conversion rates, and SEO can reduce them significantly. Better website rankings are important. According to a study, businesses with web and mobile-friendly sites have a 55% higher chance of ranking on the front page of Google.

3. SEO Builds Trust & Credibility

People who are not that familiar with your business trust your website first. So make sure you look professional, set up all the contact details, and always include information on what to do in case you run into problems while your business is online. Trust should always come first. With an SEO business website, the domain authority is the highest, further showing that the website is more trustworthy.

The top keywords used on the website are the ones that perform very well. The advantage of SEO is that you can direct your resources to maximize the result and profit. SEO does everything for you. How does SEO enhance conversion? When people encounter a website for the first time, they will usually see a blog or a FAQ.

4. SEO Brings New Opportunities to Light

SEO provides great opportunities for small businesses that are online. It’s like having a brand-new set of eyes. All these years, they have been dabbling in web marketing and reaching out to the audience through their communication channels. They’re trying out alternative approaches and experiments to come up with the right strategy for their campaigns.

They are missing out on the immense potential that exists in this niche. This is because SEO can make a certain segment of the audience come back and buy more. An SEO success strategy can open up a whole new world for a business. SEO enhances a brand’s visibility. Branding is a long-term process. Having strong branding can help a business attract its customer base and offer value to the audience.


Businesses that view SEO only as driving traffic to their websites are missing out on all the other advantages it offers. When you fully understand the benefits of Local SEO Denver, you can incorporate processes into your marketing, sales, and branding activities to create a unified online presence.…

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Small Bathroom Remodel

If you have a cramped bathroom in your home, a small bathroom remodel can help you to have more space. Choosing the correct fixtures can give you the feeling of more space and also create a little more space without changing the walls.
If your bathroom includes a tub and you only use the shower, consider removing the tub and replacing it with a shower. A small shower stall can give room for a large closet in the bathroom to store linens and towels so that you can create more space in other ways. If you have other larger bathrooms located in the home that provide bathing or showering facilities and this bathroom is just for guest use, consider removing the tub and making the bath a powder room with just a toilet and sink. You can gain an additional fifteen square feet in a small bathroom.
Once you have removed the tub and installed the closet, take a look at the bathroom sink. If you have a large vanity that is taking up a lot of space, consider replacing it with a pedestal sink. The sink will be just as functional as the vanity and the storage you lose has been easily replaced with your new closet.
Over the toilet storage is a great way to reclaim some lost space in the bathroom. You will find many different over the toilet storage methods that can help to increase the space in the bathroom.
Add lots of mirrors. While mirrors do not actually add space, they can create an illusion of more space in the bathroom. You are going to need a mirror in the room anyway, so why not let it make you feel like more room.…

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The Dangers in Daily Living: Washing the Kitchen Floor

The Dangers in Daily Living: Washing the Kitchen Floor

Housework is one of the main ways that many people injure their backs, by simply not using the correct muscles or joints in the movements required for accomplishing the task.

The main option for cleaning the floor is to use a kitchen mop. If your kitchen is large, then you are more likely to use some variation of a mop. But if you are like me, with a very small kitchen, I just get down on my hands and knees and use a cloth; or if I am lazy, I will push the cloth around with my feet, to clean the floor!

The mop is the kinder way to clean the floor, as it requires very little technical movement, because most of the work is standing. However, as you start the mop forwards and backwards, you need to remember a few important movements:

1. Movement is always a balanced and should be equalized on both sides of your body to prevent any uneven weight distribution.

2. I am right-handed, so when I hold the mop, my right hand is at the top of the mop and my left hand is slightly lower down.

I then mop from right to left across my body and NOT FORWARDS. This prevents bending forwards with a forward lean that puts pressure on your spine.

The left foot leads, taking the body weight as the mop is pushed to the left, releasing the left hand to follow through with the movement.

As the mop is pulled back with the right hand, the body weight is transferred from the left foot back on to the right foot and the left hand holds on to the mop at the end of the motion.

This provides a symmetrical balanced motion in moving from left to right across your body, with your legs relaxed in standing to transfer your body weight from right to left and ‘vice versa in the stepping motion of mopping.

3. If you are left-handed, then the action can be reversed. It will seem almost like a dance movement, because it is based on equal weight balance and transfer of body weight. When you are lifting the mop out of the bucket, it is important to make sure the hold of the mop is wide and central to your body, with your legs remaining flexed to support the weight of the mop. You can always try moving the mop forwards, but don’t lean or reach too much as you will lose the equal balance on both sides.

Mopping the floor does not have to be back-breaking, because it is not necessary to use your spine; if you follow the instructions given above, for using weight transfer movement without reaching on one side; you will get into a rhythm that is exercise orientated instead.

By learning to use a certain style or rhythm in movement, you will begin to see other ways in which you can benefit developing a style in movement that you can use with other household activities, such as vacuuming a carpet. However, it will not work using heavy vacuum cleaners. The next article will deal with a heavy upright vacuum cleaner!…

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Basement Renovations

Is a Green Bathroom Remodel in Your Future? It’s Easier Than You Think!

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel in the near future, why not explore the new products and materials designed and produced to save money and save the environment? No longer in the expensive category of only a few years ago, these new products and materials compete very well with everything else out there. And when you compare the cost advantages over time, the allowances offered by manufacturers and the government, its crazy not to at least consider a green bathroom remodel.
Toilets, for instance, have come a long way, baby! Today you can’t even buy one that uses 3-plus gallons of water to flush. And, if you recall the buzz about the inefficiency of the newer “low flow” models of a couple of years ago, you’re operating on a false premise. A green bathroom remodel wouldn’t be complete without looking into a new toilet! New designs, larger discharge and smarter manufacturing provides toilets with operations that match their older counterparts flush by flush. In fact, you probably won’t even notice you’re doing your part for the planet when you flip the lever!
Your bathroom vanity countertop can also now be made to be both beautiful and Earth loving with the use of recycled materials. These include recycled glass, scrap aluminum, concrete and (if you can believe it) old recycled paper. Some very attractive countertops today are made by combining paper, fly ash-a by-product of coal combustion-and an eco-binder, such as epoxy. You may have even had a morning cup of coffee at a favorite bistro on a paper countertop and not know it! Some are made entirely of recycled glass, with a new unique look and are comparable in cost, strength, heat resistance and durability to granite.
The bathroom floor is getting some attention, too. Linoleum, invented in 1863 (think Civil War) now has some real competition. New types are so healthy for us and our environment that they cover the floors of many large Health Care facilities and hospitals. There are even floors made by using a pressed combination of burlap, canvas, linseed oil and flour! Almost makes me hungry. Laminate flooring can be manufactured to look like almost anything and tiles are made in a wild array of planet friendly styles and textures. Even the rugs have gone green!
What about the walls? Your green bathroom remodel could even mean painting the walls… er… green. How about soy based paint? Clay paint, which can look like adobe is a natural choice and one that will give the room a rustic or Tuscan feel. You can have your milk and paint it too… by using all natural organic milk paint. Not only do these paints look beautiful, but they last as long or longer than regular latexes. Also, new paints are coming on the scene all the time to not only make your home brilliant, but many are made to fight germs and reduce mold and mildew!
Low flow, water saving faucets and shower heads are designed now to feel just like the old kind, but use much less water. This is due to atomizers and pulsators that mix air and H2O and reduce the actual amount being delivered. This not only saves water, but the energy to heat the water as well. And, the new designs are very cool, with new materials and finishes to match anything!
So, before you start in on that bathroom remodel, think about making it a green bathroom remodel. Take a look around your bath and see what you can do to bring that room into the twenty first century! Then go spend some time in a big box retailer or plumbing or bath fixture store. See what they have to offer and how you can save some money and the planet while you’re there.…