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Tea Herb Gardening – A Guide to Growing and Harvesting Your Tisane Herbs

Tea Herb Gardening – A Guide to Growing and Harvesting Your Tisane Herbs

When you think about what to do with your herbs there are many options. One of the most satisfying and easy is to use them to make tea. You get the full taste of the herb alongside numerous health benefits which include reducing stress all the way to reducing your cancer risk. Herbs such as chamomile and lemon balm are being researched at the moment and the number of proven benefits continues to increase.

Amongst the herb grower community, there is a small amount of disagreement over the term that should be used to describe these herbs. The word ‘tea’ is usually used to describe the drinkable parts of the Camellia sinensis plant. Therefore an additional word ’tisane’ was coined to describe any herbal teas that were not made from the tea plant itself. As most people are familiar with the word ‘herbal tea’ that is the one that I will be using for both kinds of teas.

The list of herbs that can be made into tea is almost unlimited. The best part is that most of the best herbs for tea are those that are most easy to grow. Here is a list of herbs that I recommend for your teapot:

* Anise/ Aniseed* Boldo* Catnip* Cerasse* Chamomile* Echinacea* Fennel* Lemon Balm* Mint* Sage

The easiest way to make tea is to simply cut off the required portion (Usually 2-3 tablespoons is plenty) and then pour boiling water on top. For the best flavor fresh herbs should be used, if you use dried herbs you may have to add more herbs to the pot. As a general rule the leaves are the most flavorful part, however stems or twigs may sometimes be used too. This can be great as it allows you to use some of the ‘unusable’ parts of the plant. Some herbs may be a little bitter, so you may want to add some honey or sugar.

Some herbs taste great by themselves, but can taste fantastic in combination with other herbs or fruits. The best part is that you only use a little bit of the herb, so you can really have fun experimenting with many different flavorful mixtures. For example sweet flavors with chamomile are great as are bitter flavors with mint.

The best time to harvest herbs for tea is the same time that you would harvest herbs for the cooking pot:

* Harvest the herbs early in the morning when it is cool and dry as heat and rain will reduce some of the oils that make the herb taste good.

* Check whether your herb tastes best before or after the flowers bloom. As a general rule, most a best harvested before blooming

* Make sure that you harvest before cold or exceptionally hot spells as these will often hinder growth.

Tea herbs often yet another use for your herb garden. It is a great way to relax after gardening or before food to get your taste buds working.…

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Knife Set With Block – Choosing The Correct Knives For Your Household Kitchen

Knife Set With Block – Choosing The Correct Knives For Your Household Kitchen

When choosing a knife set with block it is always worth considering, firstly, the type of steel that is used in the knife blade and also how it is made as this will determine how long the knife will last and how easy it will be to sharpen.

Generally, there are 2 processes in which knives are manufactured, stamping and forging. A stamped blade is simply cut from a sheet of metal followed by shaping or pressing it into the shape of a blade. Forging, however, involves taking a piece of metal, heating it to a high temperature and grinding it into the shape of a blade, making it much heavier and more durable than a stamped knife.

Many knives today are manufactured with a high blend of carbon stainless steel, which is good, as anything else will be prone to rust and corrosion over time. The edges are also tapered to make it easier to sharpen. Although everyone wants to have high quality kitchen knives (at reasonable prices) not everyone is happy with high maintenance, such as professional chef knives that have quality, light weight, precision blades but need re-sharpening every time they are used.

In order to find the right type of knives for you to use in your kitchen it is always worth knowing exactly what you are going to be using the knives for, for example, cutting, slicing, boning, chopping or dicing. This is why a knife set with block is designed today to be more suited to household uses as they contain a variety of knives for many uses.

Most decent sets will usually contain around 7 knives, but can be up to 15 depending on how seriously you take your cooking preparations. These are some of the more common ones contained in a set:

Chef knife – It has a triangular blade around 6 to 12 inches long giving it good leverage. It is basically an all-purpose, professional knife that usually requires sharpening more often than the others

Paring knife – This is the most commonly used knife. It is like a 3 inch extension of your hand, used for paring and chopping fruit and vegetables

Serrated knife – It has a long wavy, saw-like blade used for slicing things like bread or any fruit and vegetable that tends to bruise easily

Boning knife – These have quite a narrow, durable blade used for slicing meat off bones

Slicing knife – Again used with meats but having a long, thin blade it tends to be used for preparing joints of ham, roast or turkey into very thin slices for serving

Butcher knife – This is the pre-evolution of the chefs knife. It has a long blade with many uses and is usually much heavier and more durable than the others in the set. Consequently, it does not require sharpening that often

Cleaver knife – This can have either a curved or straight edge and is used for heavy chopping or cutting through bone and the likes

You could always decide to purchase your knives separately, but not everyone knows what knives are required for what purpose, therefore, can end up with an incomplete set lying around, unsafely in their kitchen draw. So for the everyday household kitchen it is advisable to always select stainless steel knives in a block set as many come with lifetime guarantees to suit any budget, along with being complete and multi-purpose.…

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The Backbone of a Remodeled Kitchen

The Backbone of a Remodeled Kitchen

As you go through your plans to remodel your kitchen, what is the one thing that you dislike the most, right now? For many people that answer would be their kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are too narrow, too low, not enough space for anything tall or deep enough or the shelves are not where you want or need them.

I’ll bet you can add a few answers of your own. So now that we have identified some of the problems, let us look at a few answers. Cabinets can be custom made or off the shelf. One is obviously more expensive than the other. If this remodeling is a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, you still have decisions to make. There are many different places that sell kitchen cabinets, regular store fronts, specialty shops or online stores. Most places will allow you to modify some of the measurements without too much hassle, but if you have unique spaces to fill, you may have to go with completely custom cabinets.

When we remodeled our first home, we did all the cabinet work ourselves. I will tell you that since we had little experience, it involved a lot of research up front before we bought material to build the cabinets. I chose a different look for our cabinets; we decided that our cabinets would all be sitting on the floor – no hanging wall cabinets at all.

After we torn everything out of the kitchen and the basic cabinet frames were built, we set them in place and ‘played’ with them for a while. In fact we moved them around quite a lot to see how the traffic would flow and where things needed to be for easy access. We really wanted to be sure that the placement and the height was going to be right for how we lived and worked.

The design for our cabinets was very simple since the house was built in the flavor of Frank Lloyd Wright, the lines were clean and simple. The kitchen was to follow in the same design – black cabinets, white tile counter tops and gray Berber carpet. It was really very stunning when it was finished.

Your kitchen needs to be a reflection of you. If your house has a country theme, then you need a country kitchen. The cabinets should be in a wood that reflects that. Perhaps the kitchen cabinets will be painted a soft yellow or green with Roosters or Bunnies painted on the wood. Or maybe you want an ultra modern kitchen that is all black steel, chrome and glass front cabinets.

No matter how you design your kitchen cabinets, make sure that they are a reflection of what you want and not someone else. You will be the one who is living with the results. Remember that your cabinets truly are the backbone of how your new kitchen. And with the cost of remodeling these days, it will most likely be a long time between new kitchen cabinets.…

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Make Your Kitchen the Safest Place to Work With Modern Kitchen Tiles

Make Your Kitchen the Safest Place to Work With Modern Kitchen Tiles

A kitchen is the place that deals with water and fire all through the day. It is precisely why it needs to be safe and hygienic. Your family gets their ready food item right from your kitchen and if it is not safe you can hardly succeed to keep them healthy. This is why Kitchen tiles have been introduced to the market. They are specially made for kitchen area keeping their conditions in mind they face during cooking. Their features and properties perfectly suit any culinary area.

You use lot of oil and other material regularly to cook food that directly or indirectly put stain marks on walls and make them stubborn. Usage of oil in food is unavoidable. Certainly you need something with which you can work freely and without worrying about stains. Often these marks stick to tile when dirt gets absorbed along with water or oil. Kitchen tiles oppose wetness and do not allow them to get absorbed. As a result the dirt remains at the top of the surface and get removed when wiped with wet mop. So, at maintenance part you don’t have to do much.

There is another advantage of not absorbing water. This restricts the development of bacteria which become the cause of several diseases. Sometime knowingly or unknowingly we get trapped by illness due the germs present right at our kitchen. According to resent research most of diseases trigger exactly from our home and we keep on wondering about the cause. Hence, it is necessary that you are active enough to resist these germs by any possible means. For this nothing can be better than kitchen tile which are the best sources of avoiding germs at your home.

Kitchen tiles are also thermal resistant. This makes it the safest tile for your heat prone culinary area. Few of the areas like wall near burner and counter top are most likely to get affected by heat. But, if the tile is not impervious to heat they might either lose their charm or catch fire upon not resisting excessive heat. They remain as it is even after years of use. Moreover, Kitchen tiles are very strong and are better option for counter tops. Apart from safe and hygiene what you get as a plus point is the beauty. Yes, these tiles are very attractive and posses great style. For modern kitchen contemporary style of designs are available. So, over all these tiles are perfect option for kitchen were you housewives spend half of their life.…

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Kitchen Container Garden – Think Small

Kitchen Container Garden – Think Small

If you don’t have space for a large kitchen garden, think creatively — try a kitchen container garden. It may be possible to grow a small selection that combines the ornamental with the tasty.

Salad crops such as tomatoes and lettuces are especially good for growing in containers, as they respond well to confinement, they are easy to grow, and you don’t need many small plants for a small family. They can be grown in window boxes or patio pots. Be prepared to stretch your horizons, however, as most vegetables can be grown successfully in containers with a little determination.


Lettuces are really easy to grow and small varieties don’t require much space. Sow a pinch of seeds each week from spring onwards for a succession of hearted lettuce, or choose loose-leaf types such as “salad bowl” so that you can harvest individual leaves over a long period. This does not leave such obvious gaps when you harvest, in comparison with a hearty variety where you used the whole head. Choose different types of lettuce with a variety of leaf shape and color to make attractive displays in troughs, containers or window boxes.

If you choose to grow your lettuce in window boxes, use two or three liner boxes to fit inside a more attractive outer box. Sow in succession in the various boxes, and move those at their most attractive stage into the decorative outer box. When harvesting is over, replaced the inner trough with one containing maturing lettuces and re-sow the one removed.

Other vegetables

Zucchini, cucumbers and most types of peppers can all be grown successfully in growing bags or in large containers such as half barrels. Zucchini can be quite decorative, with large yellow flowers. Some varieties have yellow fruit.

If you don’t mind giving up most of the space on your patio, you can really grow quite a number of different kinds of vegetables in a relatively small space. Use large containers that hold plenty of potting soil, make sure to line the bottom of the containers with pebbles for proper draining, and don’t neglect the watering.

Growing bags are also a solution for the kitchen garden. It is surprising what you can raise in just a few of these bags. You might try spinach, green onions, or early potatoes. While they are quite functional, growing bags are not as attractive as the containers and pots that you may choose to decorate yourself. You may wish to relegate growing bags to a less visible corner of the patio.

All in all, the success of your kitchen container garden is up to you. With just a little tender loving care and a moderate amount of attention, your vegetables will grow to be both beautiful and tasty. Happy planting in your new kitchen container garden!…

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Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO

Currently, the demand for SEO exceeds expectations. As many consumers switched to online, most traditional businesses realized they needed to speed up the transition to digital. SEO can definitely improve ranking. But what else does it provide? What’s going on when SEO grows so rapidly? The below-mentioned reasons for having web marketing should give some clarity, irrespective of industry size and the needs of businesses. Here are some reasons.

1. Local SEO Means Increased Engagement Traffic & Conversions

As part of local SEO, you are increasing local engagement. With local engagement, there is an assumption that business is being talked about in the local area. Increased engagement traffic translates to a lot of website visitors. This will bring more visitors to your website. What you want is a portion of those visitors who are likely to buy.

If you can get them to make an online purchase, your conversion rate will increase tremendously. If your conversion rate is high, you would have secured multiple sales. SEO can benefit businesses without extensive keyword research. It is not wise to guess the search term. If you have already experimented with keywords, then keep experimenting. The most efficient way is to pay attention to the last search terms that customers latest searched for.

2. Good SEO Also Means a Better User Experience.

It will be hard to beat the quality of an uncluttered site with simple information on the most relevant information. SEO definitely helps a better user experience. It also helps increase conversion rates, which are important for a business working with sales and CRM. This is because excellent websites with good content can help reduce conversion rates. According to research, most websites even have poor conversion rates, and SEO can reduce them significantly. Better website rankings are important. According to a study, businesses with web and mobile-friendly sites have a 55% higher chance of ranking on the front page of Google.

3. SEO Builds Trust & Credibility

People who are not that familiar with your business trust your website first. So make sure you look professional, set up all the contact details, and always include information on what to do in case you run into problems while your business is online. Trust should always come first. With an SEO business website, the domain authority is the highest, further showing that the website is more trustworthy.

The top keywords used on the website are the ones that perform very well. The advantage of SEO is that you can direct your resources to maximize the result and profit. SEO does everything for you. How does SEO enhance conversion? When people encounter a website for the first time, they will usually see a blog or a FAQ.

4. SEO Brings New Opportunities to Light

SEO provides great opportunities for small businesses that are online. It’s like having a brand-new set of eyes. All these years, they have been dabbling in web marketing and reaching out to the audience through their communication channels. They’re trying out alternative approaches and experiments to come up with the right strategy for their campaigns.

They are missing out on the immense potential that exists in this niche. This is because SEO can make a certain segment of the audience come back and buy more. An SEO success strategy can open up a whole new world for a business. SEO enhances a brand’s visibility. Branding is a long-term process. Having strong branding can help a business attract its customer base and offer value to the audience.


Businesses that view SEO only as driving traffic to their websites are missing out on all the other advantages it offers. When you fully understand the benefits of Local SEO Denver, you can incorporate processes into your marketing, sales, and branding activities to create a unified online presence.…

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Small Bathroom Remodel

If you have a cramped bathroom in your home, a small bathroom remodel can help you to have more space. Choosing the correct fixtures can give you the feeling of more space and also create a little more space without changing the walls.
If your bathroom includes a tub and you only use the shower, consider removing the tub and replacing it with a shower. A small shower stall can give room for a large closet in the bathroom to store linens and towels so that you can create more space in other ways. If you have other larger bathrooms located in the home that provide bathing or showering facilities and this bathroom is just for guest use, consider removing the tub and making the bath a powder room with just a toilet and sink. You can gain an additional fifteen square feet in a small bathroom.
Once you have removed the tub and installed the closet, take a look at the bathroom sink. If you have a large vanity that is taking up a lot of space, consider replacing it with a pedestal sink. The sink will be just as functional as the vanity and the storage you lose has been easily replaced with your new closet.
Over the toilet storage is a great way to reclaim some lost space in the bathroom. You will find many different over the toilet storage methods that can help to increase the space in the bathroom.
Add lots of mirrors. While mirrors do not actually add space, they can create an illusion of more space in the bathroom. You are going to need a mirror in the room anyway, so why not let it make you feel like more room.