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Bathroom Remodel Disasters

Doing a bathroom remodel can go smoothly or it can be a total disaster. Most remodels people do for themselves lie somewhere in between the two. It is easy to have problems with a bathroom remodel when it is not something you do on a regular basis. Your mind is just not geared to thinking about all the factors that go into reworking a bathroom.
There are several cases where poor measuring can be disastrous in doing a bathroom remodel. Your fixtures need to fit. You know this, but you may not remember to take every necessary measurement. Some people get as far as starting to install their toilet before they realize that the measurement from drain to wall is off. The toilet will not fit without moving the drain, so that must be done before the bathroom remodel can be finished.
Some oversized fixtures will not fit in the space you have for them if you have not measured correctly. You may have designed the entire bathroom remodel around the concept of a certain fixture, only to find out that it does not fit. Some fixtures may not even fit through the bathroom door. The whole operation will come to a halt while you decide how to change your plan.
Certain materials must be bought in a piece and must be bought in the right size of piece. If you bought a piece of linoleum for your bathroom it would need to fit perfectly. A disaster would be if you measured incorrectly and bought a piece that was too small. The piece would be worthless in covering the floor for the bathroom remodel, and you would need to buy something else.
An expert in bathroom remodels will make sure that all the fixtures fit and that all the measurements for the bathroom are correct. If something does not fit together the way you wish it to, the professional remodeler will know that fact ahead of time and help you alter your plans.
If you do not work on plumbing often, you might have trouble installing the plumbing. No matter what kind of plumbing you use, you might have trouble with leaks if you are not skilled in installation of pipes. This is a major problem if you are using copper pipes and do not have experience doing them. If the pipes are installed incorrectly, you might get air in them which will lead to rattling pipes.
Another problem is that you might have problems with your drains if they are not plumbed correctly. A stinky bathroom sink drain would be something of a disaster. Someone who does plumbing as a part of their everyday job would know to use a P-trap to keep the smell from rising up through the drain and into the room.
There is nothing worse in doing a bathroom remodel than thinking you have done a good job, and then having mold show up in your new bathroom. If you hire a home remodeling company, they will make sure that green-board is used rather than plain wallboard. They will make sure that walls behind shower tiles are watertight. They will seal all areas where mold could possibly accumulate otherwise.
Any one of these disasters may be possible to divert when you do your own bathroom remodel. The problem lies in doing the entire job without slipping up on one aspect of the work. You do not do remodeling work every day, so you should not be expected to complete it without a hitch. However, a remodeling company can finish your bathroom remodel quickly and easily.…

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Bathroom Ceramic Tile – The Right Stuff!

Bathroom Ceramic Tile – The Right Stuff!

Choosing the right bathroom ceramic tile can turn this room into a place of calm and relaxation. You want it to be perfect for bathing the kids but also for providing a relaxing space for you to wash away the hassles of your day. Before you start decorating this room, have a look at magazines and perhaps some homes for sale in your area to gather some ideas. Show homes can provide great ideas especially on the latest color trends. You will also see more special effects in action such as how to make a room appear bigger, what natural materials are in use etc.

Regardless of which bathroom ceramic tile you choose, you will also need proper lighting. The lighting will make or break this room. If possible you should make the most of any natural light source. White glazed ceramic tiles will reflect this light back into the room and make the space appear much bigger. By the same token, choosing dark unglazed tiles will make the space appear smaller. You will often find small bathrooms are decorated using small mosaic tiles as the smaller tiles will make the room look bigger.

If you don’t have much natural light, you can use many different lighting fixtures to brighten up the space. Choose your light fittings with care and only use those that are approved for use in bathrooms or wet rooms. If you have old flooring in this room, you may be able to lay the bathroom ceramic tile on top of it rather than having to remove it. Get advice from a tiler before taking up the existing flooring as it may save you some additional work and expense. Working with what you have rather than trying to rip everything out and start afresh can make your budget go further when renovating a bathroom.…

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All You Need To Know About Bathroom Decorations

All You Need To Know About Bathroom Decorations

Are you tired with the mundane ambiance of your bathroom? Has it got monotonous with the passage of time? Well we have an idea for you, why don’t you re-decorate it? A few changes need to be made, and a fully transformed bathroom is all yours. Today a number of decorative items are available in varied shapes and sizes which in no time totally transforms your bathroom to the extent that you will find it hard to relate it to the existing one. Decorative plumbing is something which you can opt for; today professional plumbers are offering you this, to add to the home d?�cor of artistic taste. These are used in basins, bathtubs, kitchen sinks etc. Now for this, what you need is selecting the right plumber who has artistic taste, and getting the materials from an authentic shop of bathroom decorations, these needs to be kept in mind while proceeding with the process.

In case of Bathtubs there is the eastern style and western style, in the earlier case they are usually shorter and deeper in comparison to the later respectively. Varied designs are available, what you can do is engage a professional to get the right one for you or you either plan out yourself. There are the claw foot tubs, the classic rim and roll ones, slipper tubs and another very many designs which are available, if it is for your child’s bathroom what you can opt for is the baby bathtub. So we advise chalk out the plan with a professional who will guide you, help you choose the materials suiting your home d?�cor. Now today the recent trend is getting a spa bathtub for you, the best means to pamper yourself with. These come in exclusive range, where inbuilt are special features to qualify for the tag, also these are known by the name of hot tubs.

Now when it comes to the decoration, today times have changed, people now even want their bathrooms to be decorative ones. You now have the colourful artistically bathroom fixtures and the bathroom cabinets doing the rounds. A wide range of designs are there to choose from, like for the bathroom cabinets make sure they are in sync with the bathroom ambiance, the same goes for the fixtures, what is needed is before you purchase plan it out for a proper implementation.…

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Can I Paint Bathroom Tile?

Can I Paint Bathroom Tile?

I was recently looking for information on the internet, to see if it was possible to paint bathroom tile. There certainly are quite a few contradictory opinions on this subject, depending on which website you are looking at.

Some people insist that you can’t paint tile in areas that get a lot of moisture. However, my conclusion after considerable research is that if the surface to be painted is properly prepared, and the type of paint used is carefully chosen, it is even possible to paint bathroom tile in a shower stall.

Before I go into the conflicting advice given on various websites, let me point out that I was looking for DIY methods. Professional painters have the resources and skills to do a much better job of painting bathroom tile than most of us.

I ran across an excellent video put out by a California painting contractor. They did the job using a spray painter, and the person doing the job was wearing all-body protective gear. This is not equipment that most of us have on hand. In this article, I will stick to methods that use equipment that is readily available to the do-it-yourselfer.

To paint bathroom tile, there are three main steps:

1) Prepare the surface. The tile surface must first be cleaned. Painting over dirt, grease, or mold is definitely not recommended. Various cleaners can be used – from muriatic acid ( best leave this to the pros ) to household ammonia to TSP ( trisodium phosphate ). Probably any of these solutions will do the job, if used as recommended.

The next part of the preparation is very controversial. Should the tile surface be sanded or not? Proponents of sanding argue that tiles have a shiny surface, and without sanding, the paint will easily peel right off. And the tiny scratches that sanding leaves on the surface are not noticeable after the paint is applied. The naysayers don’t agree that the scratches are hidden, and suggest using a primer that is made to adhere to any surface.

2) Apply a primer. The choice here is between oil-based and acrylic paints. Professional painters are adamant in their opinion, but they don’t agree with one another. Some recommend 100% acrylic paint, but others just as strongly advocate an oil-base primer. This disagreement among the pros leads me to believe that either choice is probably workable, as long as the surface has been properly prepared.

3) Apply the topcoat. Here again, there is considerable disagreement on the choice of paint with which to paint bathroom tile. Some say that any gloss or semigloss paint may be used if the foundation was properly prepared. And there is a school of thought that advocates epoxy paint, which is naturally waterproof. However, the proper mixing of the two-part epoxy is not a simple task.

A final, additional step to paint bathroom tile is often mentioned. After waiting several days for the topcoat to thoroughly dry, you can seal the paint with a thin layer of transparent polyurethane. This sounds like an excellent idea.…

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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Home Builder

Choosing the right home builder is a critical decision that can affect the outcome of your entire home building project. It’s important to avoid making mistakes when hiring a home builder, such as underestimating costs, choosing the wrong contractor, and not getting references. By learning what to look for and what questions to ask when hiring a home builder, you can ensure that you make the best decision for your needs and budget.

1. Not Asking Enough Questions

When interviewing potential Florida home builders, ask plenty of questions. This will help you get a sense of their experience, work style, and overall approach to building. Some critical questions to ask include:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • How many homes have you built?
  • Can you provide references from previous clients?
  • What is your work process like?
  • How do you handle unexpected problems or changes during construction?

2. Not Checking References

It’s important to check references before hiring a home builder. This will allow you to hear from previous clients about their experience working with the contractor. Try to get in touch with at least three references and ask each one the following questions:

  • Were you happy with the quality of work?
  • Did the homebuilder finish the project on time and budget?
  • How did they handle any problems that arose during construction?
  • Would you recommend them to others?

3. Not Getting a Detailed Contract

Before hiring a home builder, get a detailed contract in writing. This document should spell out all aspects of the project, including the scope of work, timeline, materials to be used, and payment schedule. Be sure to read over the contract carefully and ask any questions you have before signing it.


When choosing a home builder, avoid making common mistakes, such as not asking enough questions, not checking references, and not getting a detailed contract. By doing your research, you can find a home builder that will meet your needs and expectations.…

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Bathroom Makeover Tips Before You Sell Your House

When you’re preparing to sell your home, it’s important to remember that the first impressions you give to prospective buyers are often the ones that last. So it makes sense to undertake simple improvements that can be completed relatively quickly and cheaply in key areas. A bathroom makeover is a great way to improve the look of this part of the house — particularly if you feel that it’s an area that lets the rest of your home down and might put off potential purchasers.
Some homeowners decide to go in for a major rehab project before they put their house on the market. But unless you’re sure that you can recoup the expense that you’d be investing with a full bathroom remodel, it may be better to make cosmetic changes and improve the look of the fixtures and fittings that you already have with some simple cleaning and decorating tactics.
So how do you start fixing up your bathroom to maximize its appeal without having to spend a lot of time and money on a major remodeling project? Here are some suggestions to get you started:
Cleaning: it goes without saying that when you’re getting ready to sell your house, everything needs to be sparkling clean — and this is especially important in a bathroom. As well as the bath tub and sink, make sure the floor mats, walls and countertops are clean. Get rid of lime scale around faucets and plug holes, clean grout (you can find a special grout cleaning pen for the purpose) and polish glass shelves and steel or chrome fixtures.
Check Seals and Fixtures: even if major fittings such as the bath, basin or toilet are in good repair, the seals around them may be damaged or cracked, grungy or leaky. You can remove damaged or badly stained sealant and replace it at little cost, often greatly enhancing the overall appearance. If your bath is worn or chipped, consider having it resurfaced if you don’t want to go to the expense of replacing it entirely. If your faucets are old-fashioned or showing signs of wear and tear, it may be a good idea to invest in new ones.
Resolve Bathroom Moisture Problems: water is a key element in the bathroom, of course. But over time, poor ventilation or leaks can cause water stains, peeling paint or even mold growth. A serious mold problem can require professional inspection and treatment, so it’s important to control humidity levels through good ventilation and use specialist cleaning products to prevent mold growth. Blistering paint or other surface damage may also require treatment.
De-clutter: clear away personal items and toiletries from your countertops. Having clear surfaces may make these areas seem larger and will de-personalize the space, allowing house viewers to imagine their own belongings in the room. For the same reason, it may help to replace your favorite patterned towels or shower curtain with plain white or cream alternatives.…

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Hardwood Flooring – The Right One

If you are about to decide about the flooring of your new home, hardwood Flooring is a good choice. Before anything, we should learn some of the basics. It is a very good choice as a flooring material.
With hardwood flooring, you can be sure that your money will not be wasted. This will really enhance the beauty of your home as well as its value. Other materials surely will not give your homes a rich look and smooth feel that only the flooring can give. Unlike many other materials, the value of the flooring increases with time. All you have invested for installing flooring will not be put to waste because your house gets valued many times.
To begin with, you must think thoroughly on what colors and textures of the hardwood that you like. Hardwood has many options when it comes to colors. Some of the wood changes its color after some time. It is really important to choose the color of the wood that matches your wants and also with your home. The display of your floor counts highly on the lighting.
You can also choose from various flooring styles like the rustic, hand-scraped or smooth styles. The natural designs and textures will surely give a magnificent look all throughout your house. To avoid damages to occur due to moisture, it is recommended to use solid wood above ground level.
Now that you have some ideas about this flooring, you can now select the ones that best suit you.…