Bathroom Ceramic Tile – The Right Stuff!

Choosing the right bathroom ceramic tile can turn this room into a place of calm and relaxation. You want it to be perfect for bathing the kids but also for providing a relaxing space for you to wash away the hassles of your day. Before you start decorating this room, have a look at magazines and perhaps some homes for sale in your area to gather some ideas. Show homes can provide great ideas especially on the latest color trends. You will also see more special effects in action such as how to make a room appear bigger, what natural materials are in use etc.

Regardless of which bathroom ceramic tile you choose, you will also need proper lighting. The lighting will make or break this room. If possible you should make the most of any natural light source. White glazed ceramic tiles will reflect this light back into the room and make the space appear much bigger. By the same token, choosing dark unglazed tiles will make the space appear smaller. You will often find small bathrooms are decorated using small mosaic tiles as the smaller tiles will make the room look bigger.

If you don’t have much natural light, you can use many different lighting fixtures to brighten up the space. Choose your light fittings with care and only use those that are approved for use in bathrooms or wet rooms. If you have old flooring in this room, you may be able to lay the bathroom ceramic tile on top of it rather than having to remove it. Get advice from a tiler before taking up the existing flooring as it may save you some additional work and expense. Working with what you have rather than trying to rip everything out and start afresh can make your budget go further when renovating a bathroom.

By Muezza