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When Should You Worry About A Foundation Crack

Repairing foundation issues can be a simple task or it can be a very complicated process. Depending on the extent of a foundation crack, it can determine if more effort is needed to protect the foundation. To evaluate the extent of the potential damage, it’s good to consider what may be causing the crack, how large the crack is or what direction the crack is moving. Here are some tips when reviewing the home foundation and when to worry.

Hairline to ½ Inch Cracks

If there is a large crack in the foundation wider than ½ inch then it’s time to talk to a local HD Foundations technician. Hairline cracks may be something people may brush off but if it’s becoming big enough to fit a coin in the crack it’s big enough to call a licensed professional. Hairline cracks are fine cracks that can appear on any surface of the foundation. Often these do not reach across and can appear at one end and then become faint before reaching the other end. These are not very serious unless there is a noticeable crack spreading.

Horizontal or Vertical

Horizontal cracks and vertical cracks that are wide enough to stick a coin in should be evaluated immediately by HD Foundations. They can evaluate the damage to give the best repair options. A horizontal crack often occurs in homes with basements or cellars. Cellars and basements are partially below curb level and can be subject to soil pressure issues and extreme cold. Soil pressure is basically gravity pulling and pushing the soil. Since homes are built right on top of nature, the soil tries to pull and push right up against the house. With enough force the foundation can crack horizontally over time.

Vertical cracks are often caused by the home’s natural settling, they are not as serious as a horizontal crack though they are serious enough to contact a professional for an evaluation if the diameter is ½ inch or more.

Interior Concrete Slab Cracks

The last crack type to consider is the one inside the home underneath the floors. Homes with a concrete sub-floor may experience cracking. Often this is inevitable but can be repaired. The same ½ inch requirement applies here. Its best to get concrete damage fixed while it is still repairable.

Pier and Beam Foundation and Cracks

Pier and beam foundations are also subject to cracking and erosion as well. Homes on piers are usually higher than curb level to help protect the home from surface water caused by nearby bodies of water, floods, high rain storms, mold/ mildew from floods, etc. These homes may protect themselves from these circumstances but they are still subject to cracking, shifting and damage. The beams on pier homes are often reinforced with rebar and set on top of a concrete slab far below the ground. Pier foundation cracks can be caused by poor installation, cracked or broken beams, soil pressure, and erosion.

Plumbing Leaks and Cracks

Plumbing leaks that are not fixed at right away can lead to erosion and cracking. Tap water can have a high mineral content and therefore can erode and weaken the concrete support. If the issue goes untreated it could lead to cracking and weakened foundations.

Trees and Cracks

In older homes it’s common to find a tree plant right next to the home, sometimes the tree is planted too close to the home. Not all trees are equal. Some trees that are placed too close to the home can have roots that spread and crack the foundation. For situations like this it might be useful to either get the roots cut back or just remove the tree. Foundation cracks caused by trees can lead to damaged pipes and a plant of other issues that can damage the foundation even more.

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A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Clean Your Bathroom

Many people struggle to keep their house clean because they feel overwhelmed by the work they need to do. The bathroom is one of the more difficult rooms to clean because there are many components to it, and the tub, sink, and toilet can feel intimidating to clean because they all get deeply dirty. These things can also be frustrating to clean because of how quickly they are dirty again, but these steps for cleaning the bathroom will help everyone get better at it.

  1. Tackle One Thing At A Time

The first step to take when cleaning the bathroom is to separate it into several sections. Think about the toilet as one item to tackle and the floors as another. Make a list of everything that needs to get done and check it off one item at a time. This will make cleaning the bathroom feel more manageable and less stressful, as it can get taken care of over a few days rather than someone feeling the need to make time for it all at once.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Items From The Room

The second thing to do after making the list is to think about what is in the room that doesn’t need to be. If there are decorations in there that only catch dust and don’t serve a purpose, then they can be taken out. If there are too many towels in the cabinets that always become a mess, then they need to sort through them and keep only the towels they use. The same goes for other items in the cabinets, and they need to get rid of the things that are unnecessary and messy.

  1. Get The Right Tools For The Job

Next, they need to think about the tools that they are going to use to get everything clean. They need to use a good scrubbing tool to get the floors clean, and they need to use the right sprays and cleaners for the shower, toilet, and other surfaces. The faucets can be shiny again if they use good products on them, and they can buy some of the highest-rated products to do their best as they learn how to clean your bathroom.

  1. Start Cleaning The Sink And Shower Regularly

One of the most important steps they can take when learning how to clean your bathroom is to start cleaning it regularly. If they can make it a habit to clean the sink every night, then it will never get too messy or hard to clean. If they wipe down the shower after each use, then it won’t be too hard to clean, either. The more they do each day, the easier things will be on cleaning day.

  1. Put In Enough Effort With The Floor And Toilet

Another thing they need to do to get the bathroom clean is to put in the effort needed each time that they clean. The tile and grout will take a lot of effort to clean, but when they put their strength into it, they will get it looking great. The tile scrubbing is not one of the things that they need to do all the time, but when it is time to get the floors cleaned, they need to put all their effort into it. The toilet needs to be cleaned a bit more often, and they need to scrub at it, too, so that it can be shiny and clean.

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The Benefits of Companion Home Care

Working with a home care service is one of the best ways for anyone to make sure that their aging loved ones are well taken care of after surgery or when recovering from previous ailments. Qualified healthcare professionals have the skills and expertise required to handle won’t tracing which can go a long way giving the peace of mind they very much need. Although numerous medical advantages come with hiring home care services for aging loved ones, people also get to benefit in different ways they work in a home care profession. Estimations indicate that close to the health of the seniors suffer from a feeling of loneliness and isolation. These feelings can go a long way in increasing mortality risks or long-term ailments. Anyone looking to improve their happiness and well being of their elderly loved ones should consider home health care companions due to the many advantages they offer. For more information on the different advantages that come with companion home care services, check out this website.

One of the biggest and most obvious advantages and that comes with companion home care services is the security it offers. As an elderly member of the family starts aging and the impact of old age starts to kick in, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to be left alone. They often need help with even the most basic tasks such as picking up the phone. If they get hurt at home, it may take a long time for people to notice. Situations like this can be very comforting to both the seniors and those around them and that is why finding a home care service can be very beneficial. Senior citizens and their loved ones get to benefit from improved mental security that cannot be found elsewhere. Since home care providers work with specific schedules, they report and leave at set times which allows the elderly to benefit from the feeling of safety. Regardless of what happens, the home caregiver, it’s always going to look out for the elderly.

The fact that home caregivers can be considered to be immediate friends is also another benefit of working with one. Most elderly people are always looking for a friend and someone they can talk to every once in a while. The home caregiver has the training required to show compassion and patience while listening to the elderly to ensure that they feel comfortable. They are also well versed in different healthcare topics. With their training and expertise, home care providers can offer the interaction and conversation that seniors need and long for. They can engage in basic tasks such as conversations about some of their previous experiences or play card and board games which can help seniors get rid of loneliness. They also allow the elderly to take part in some of the hobbies and favorite activities which makes it even more enjoyable since there is always someone next to them.

Apart from that, a home caregiver can assist the elderly loved ones with daily activities such as household chores which can be quite daunting for seniors. Most of the elderly family members are limited when it comes to mobility due to the effects of aging or lasting effects of diseases which prevent them from effectively conducting their routine activities. This can leave them feeling hopeless and depressed and that is where a home caregiver comes in. Whether they need assistance with doing the laundry, preparing meals, or watering plants, the home caregiver can provide the help they need to ensure that everything gets done in an orderly and stress-free way. The best part about hiring home care services is that the elderly retain their independence and do most of their household chores they choose independently while the caregiver helps only when it is necessary.…

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The Three Most Popular Pieces Of Kitchen Furniture

The Three Most Popular Pieces Of Kitchen Furniture

When you think about the kitchen the first thing that jumps into your mind probably isn’t the furniture. Most people, when asked about what’s in their kitchen, will tell you about cooking appliances, refrigerators, stoves, and cabinets and they always seem to leave out the whole furniture aspect. Even though kitchen furniture sits faded into the background around all of those pieces of cooking equipment and there’s a lot more interesting furniture to talk about in your other rooms, it is still nice to know what your options are.

Not everyone has a large enough kitchen to put a nice piece of furniture but for those who do you will find they put one of three popular pieces or some sort of combination of those three pieces. What are those classic kitchen furniture pieces, you ask? Well, the most popular pieces you will find in the American kitchen are the round table, the mobile or stationary Island, and chairs or kitchen bar stools.

Form tends to fit function in the modern kitchen so it should be no surprise that these three pieces are the most common ones. Each of these pieces allows for a specific feature to be added to the kitchen that almost every single homeowner requires: more counter space. The kitchen table and the island give you additional space to work with in the kitchen. You can put your oversized cutting board when you’re chopping vegetables or sit dishes (like tasty pies) for cooling. The more available space you have to use the easier it is to cook a delicious meal. Why do you think famous chefs like Martha Stewart and Julia Childes have such large kitchens in their homes? Added counter space, when paired with the talents of a good cook, translates to better tasting food.

The chairs and bar stools are popular choices because they allow you to turn what was once just a utilitarian kitchen used solely for cooking meals into a hang out spot. Human beings are social animals and more than half of our social skills have developed around the consumption of food. Why not extend the socialization to the food preparation? Your children can sit around in the kitchen doing their homework while you cook dinner for the family, your friends can have some cocktails and chat with you while you prepare the party’s meal, and you can have romantic conversations with your date before the dinner even begins. When you throw a few comfortable chairs into the mix the possibilities for added social interaction are practically endless.…

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Choose The Right Look In Drapery Sets

Choosing the right drapery for each window in your home is not easy to do but there are ways to determine which draperies would look best for your room. Whether you are an expert designer or you are just trying to make your home look nice, you can find the best pair of window treatments to hang in your room.
Measuring is very important because you need to hang everything evenly. The general rule for measuring is to measure twice to ensure accuracy. You want to measure from one point on one side to the same point on the other side of the window. For example, if you want the treatments to hang on the outer edge, be sure to measure to the outer edge on both sides.
There are so many styles to choose from today. Panels were always popular in the past but were later replaced by window valences or window toppers. Today, it is the combination of both panels and toppers that complete the look for most windows.
If your windows are tall, you need to consider the length before you decide on the right look. Today, windows come in many different shapes and sizes so it may be more difficult to find the right covering to match. Some windows look better when you add a blind to it and then complete the look with a valance. If you want to let as much light in your home as possible, you will need to take that into consideration when determining how to dress each window.
Choosing the design of your window coverings can be fun. IF you are decorating with a certain theme, then you can coordinate your curtain to match that theme. Some examples of themes include rustic, cottage, western, retro, or Victorian. The colors you choose will depend on the style of your room. If you go with a theme, you can add that theme to your window treatments or you can use a solid color or neutral color to balance the look.
Colors chosen for the windows can balance the look of the room or it can throw the look off completely. If you have a primary color on your walls, such as red, blue, or green, you may want to dress your windows in a neutral color like cream or beige. If you have neutral colors on your walls but have primary colors in your decor around the room, including furniture, you may want to use neutral colors on your windows. This helps to balance out the look. When you walk back into the room, you should not see anything that stands out.
You can make a difference in your room by changing each drapery every season. You may want to cover your window with light material for spring and summer and lined material for fall and winter. There are so many choices to make. The lining in window coverings can range from silk to flannel. The purpose for the lining is to keep the cold out and help the heat to stay inside, cutting down on the cost of heating a home.
Its fun to find the right drapery to use for each window because they give you many ways to be creative or to complete the look in a room. Once you get tired of a look, take them down and put up something else. Keep everything that you take down to put back up in the future in case you change your mind.…

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Overhead Garage Storage Systems

Do have a difficult time trying to find the items that you need in your garage? There may be a lot of useful tools and gadgets hiding in there, but it may be almost impossible to find what you need at the time that you need it. I know that I have even found myself going out to the hardware store to by a tool that I know I have, just so I don’t have to go and search for it! Getting your this useful area organized should be on your list of things to do this spring, and putting together a bit of a plan is a good way to make sure that your project doesn’t fall by the wayside this year. It makes for a great weekend project, especially while the weather is still cool this time of year, and you’ll find that it was indeed time well spent when you’re able to locate a tool, piece of lawn equipment or a sporting good quickly and without the usual hassle.
Hand and power tools, lawn equipment and bicycles are all examples of the items that we commonly look to store in our garages, and as it is actually one of the largest rooms in our home, with proper organization you will find that there are so many more household items that you can store. This will free up room inside of your home, creating space for the items that we tend to use on a more frequent basis. You’ll find that when your project is complete and the space is properly utilized, you will be able to store everything from surplus food to toys and games.
With today’s garage storage units, cabinets and organizers you’ll be able to store just about anything that you might normally store in your closet, attic or basement. With a well-designed storage system you will be able to keep your items safe and easy to access, with a place for nearly everything.
One area in particular that is often ignored for storage purposes is the overhead space. You can easily take advantage of an empty ceiling simply by adding an overhead garage storage system. This productively utilizes a large amount of space for storing seasonal items and bulky things that may normally be difficult to find a place for such as tents, kayaks and other heavy sporting equipment. Building a system like this can be as simple as a quick do it yourself set-up, or there are a wide variety of ceiling storage systems on the market that are designed to be quick and easy to install, while being durable and easy to maintain and access. This systems are generally designed to be suspended from the ceiling joists or rafters.
The ceiling-mounted units come in a number of different weight capacities and sizes. Most of these units are made to be adjustable, as their tends to be a great number of variations between an open garage door and the ceiling from house to house. Once installed and properly organized, your new system will provide you and your family with much needed extra space so that you can create an indoor work space or maybe even do what your garage was actually built for – parking your car inside of it!…

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Bathroom – How to Keep Your Bathroom Safe

Bathroom – How to Keep Your Bathroom Safe

Although the home is the sign of safety and peace yet there are some places in the home where accidents can happen. It can happen in the lawn where your children may slip or fall on the ground and can get them injured but the place most prone to the accidents is the bathroom especially for the children and seniors. Since it is the only moist and wet place at home, it needs careful thinking to avoid any mishap or unfortunate incident.

Obviously the basic cause of most of the accidents is wetness but you can get rid of this problem by using the slip resistant tiles for flooring of this part of the house. If you find it difficult and costly then the alternative is to place some slip resistant mats on the areas which mostly remain wet like the vicinities of the bathtubs and showers. It is wise to change the flooring with slip resistant tiles whenever you remodel your bathroom.

Another reason for the mishaps with children in washrooms is the placement of the taps and knobs which is usually out of their reach and in a try to reach it they may face some injury. To avoid this type of injury the best plan is to send your children to bathing place under the supervision of a family member. If there are any electrical devices used in this place you should always look to unplug these appliances after using them. It will keep your children safe even if they reach these devices. Keeping the above given simple tips in mind you can keep your family safe and sound.…