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Bathroom Sink Cabinets Are As Essential As Those in the Kitchen

Bathroom Sink Cabinets Are As Essential As Those in the Kitchen

As important as mirrors and medicine cabinets are to a lavatory, so are bathroom sink cabinets. They house essential linens, toilet paper, and other toiletry items that a medicine cabinet will often be too small to handle. Think of how one would feel without a kitchen pantry and it is not hard to see how necessary a washroom cabinet is to the household.

The size of the bathroom sink will generally determine the length and width of the cabinet. When remodeling a bath space, the design layout allows homeowners to install powder room items they have always wanted. A bathroom redesign is an excellent opportunity to delve into the different styles of bathroom sink cabinets. Some homeowners will baseA� the style of that room solely on its bureau. In newly built homes, owners put a lot of time and effort into choosing fixtures for their kitchen and bath. These are the two most important rooms in a home and are a big part of the decision when it comes to home sales.

The bottom line is the style of the vanity should be indicative of the total bathroom decor. An old world style, cherry wood vanity with intricate carvings may not figure well into the decorating scheme of a sleek, modern bath with chrome fixtures. Take a cue from the style of the home and the colors that will be used within the bath. Never attempt to install bathroom sink cabinets that are too large for a space or one that is too small. Either one will look awkward and detract away from the overall look of a washroom.

Upgrading a bath need not cost a fortune. Sure there are plenty of expensive models, but many bathroom sink cabinets can be found at a discount. Some are cheaper because they are slightly used. Others have been ordered by decorators, only to be discarded for a different design. The seller needs to offset costs and reduces the price to move. No matter where one gets their vanity, it should reflect style, be functional, and enhance the look of a powder room.…

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Home Renovation

Home Renovation During a Recession Can Make Lots of Cents

Buy a home, then renovate it – it’s a natural progression for many American homeowners. The recession may have put the brakes on many remodeling plans, but there are signs that the situation is beginning to turn around.
The peak of remodeling activity in the U.S. came in 2007, when $146 billion was spent on home improvement projects. According to a new report from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, just over $118 billion was spent in the year ending the first quarter of 2009. But the center predicts that the spending decline will moderate through the remainder of this year.
“Remodeling spending by homeowners shows early signs of stabilization,” says Nicolas P. Retsinas, director of the center. “While the housing recovery has been erratic, a strengthening economy could produce spending increases on home improvement projects by the second quarter of next year.”
Consumer Reports” latest poll on home remodeling supports that prediction. More than half of the homeowners surveyed are planning a remodeling project in the next 12 months.
Choosing to remodel now means a homeowner can take advantage of a down market. A recent story in The Wall Street Journal reported that consumers are paying up to 20 percent less for their home remodeling projects than they would have during the building boom. Contractors who have seen projects evaporate are willing to bid less for a job just to keep busy, and some building materials, including lumber and insulation, are cheaper due to lower demand.
Herb and Eileen Longware, an upstate New York couple who just completed a long-anticipated, 1,300-square-foot addition to their home on Lake Champlain, capitalized on special retail offers and sales tax incentives to save on their project.
“We went across the lake when Vermont was having its Tax Independence Day and bought thousands of dollars worth of hardwood flooring and a wood stove, so we saved six percent right there,” Herb says, adding that he bought all his insulation on sale locally during a promotion at a home improvement center and received a $100 gift card for opening an account.
There are other pluses that work to the advantage of renovation-minded homeowners, including favorable financing for those with access to credit. The Longwares say that the four-percent interest rate on their home equity line of credit ( HELOC ) made financing their addition much cheaper than it would have been when they started planning it six years ago. They expect to pay off the loan at an accelerated rate to avoid future increases in their variable rate, saving themselves even more money.
The couple will also take advantage of federal tax credits for some of the energy-efficient products they purchased, including windows and doors, insulation, asphalt roofing and a water heater. Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, qualifying products must be placed in service in a primary residence between January 1, 2009, and December 31, 2010.
Now that the workmen are putting the finishing touches on the new addition, Longware is happy with the outcome.
“Every year that you delay, the price of labor and building materials go up. But I think we built at a good time,” he says. “We got a good builder, we got pretty good pricing on building materials, and our HELOC rate is very attractive. All in all, we’re very comfortable with our decision to tackle this project at this time.”…

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Basement Remodeling

Ceramic Tile Removal in a Bathroom Remodel

On this step of removing the ceramic tile it’s going to get dusty so what I did first was remove everything that I could so I wouldn’t have to clean it when I was done. Even though I was not going to reuse the tile, I wanted to be careful because I wanted to put the tile on Freecycle or Craigslist so someone else might be able to use them. The only tools I used were an old flat tip screw driver, hammer and a box cutter.
I should say that the tiles that are offset from the wall about 1/2″ with a mortar mix. The way that the mortar stays on the wall is a wire mesh that is attached to the wall with staples and nails. I started by cutting the bead of caulk around the top edge of the tile being careful not to cut to deep and into the drywall. Now the first tile off is the most critical so you have to be real careful. I just started the screwdriver back behind the tile and pried a little bit at a time at tile I could remove without damaging the wall or the tiles next to it. From that point it gets easier. I worked a line straight down to the floor and then made my way around the room.
Being how we are still using the bathroom I had to work around a few things. The first was the toilet. The tank of the toilet was real close to the tile so it made it difficult to get the tiles off around it. The next thing was the vanity. I should tell you that when they built this house they custom built the vanity and everything before they put up the tile so there is allot of things to cut around. I would have to say that when I got to the mirror I had to be real careful because the mirror was resting on top of the tile. Now I am the kind of guy that if something can go wrong it probable will. I got lucky on this part and didn’t break the mirror.
Another nice thing about doing all the work myself, I get to see how thing’s are built. I am a project engineer for a manufacturing company and I am always looking at how things are built. Okay I better get back to the tile work. Now I mentioned that the tile was about 1/2″ off the wall with a mortar mix. When I got to the door way there was the mortar mix on one side and on the other they built it up with a piece of plywood and used liquid nails to hold the tiles up. Needless to say, I couldn’t save any of the tiles that were glued to the wood. Then I found an area that the tile was glued straight to the drywall. I have to replace some drywall now. Luckily that was the end of removing the tile.
I stacked all of the good tile in a box and threw out all bad ones. Swept up all the debris and put everything back in its place. As I mentioned at the beginning I am going to list the tiles on Freecycle since they are in good condition and hopefully someone else can use them instead of them going into the land fill. As I remodel I’m always looking for ways that I can recycle materials instead of throwing them into a land fill that is already overloaded.
In the next article I’ll be removing the mortar mix and the wire that was attached to the wall.…

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Saving Money With Kitchen Remodeling – 2 Simple But Effective Ways

Saving Money With Kitchen Remodeling – 2 Simple But Effective Ways

Many people always get discouraged when they think of remodeling their kitchens. The story is always the same – it will cost them a lot of money to remodel their kitchens… even far more than they can afford. Well, that’s not always true, especially if you know what should be done to save cost. This article looks at two simple but highly effective ways to save cost when remodeling.

Before talking about these two simple and highly effective techniques for saving money, it’s important to understand that you certainly don’t have to spend more than you can afford just because you want to remodel your kitchen. No matter how much value you attach to your kitchen, it really shouldn’t cause you to empty your savings. There are other more important things that you should spend most of your money on. And if you eventually get to the point in your life when you have excess money, then you can spend as much as you can on remodeling your kitchen. But right now, you have to save as much as you can in the process of remodeling.

1. Buy online rather than offline: Many people are used to buying from stores around them that they will be pleasantly thrilled to find the same items for sale online for far less than they bought them. You see, online stores sell far less than offline stores because they have less expenses, less staff, etc and they are able to pass these savings over to you when you buy online. More so, you can search through more stores online than you would when shopping offline. So, a good way to save cost is to shop and buy your kitchen appliances and other things you need on the Internet.

2. Buy at wholesale prices rather than retail: Just like it’s cheaper to buy online, it’s much cheaper to buy at wholesale prices than to buy at retail prices. Many people get it wrong when they think it’s difficult to find where they can buy kitchen appliances and implements at wholesale prices. Yes, it might be difficult when thinking of buying offline, but when you shop online it’s much easier to find and buy at wholesale prices.

As simple as the above tips are they can go a very long way to help you save cost while remodeling your kitchen. You will be thrilled to find out that the money saved can be put into other better uses.…

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Why You Should Use Stainless Steel Sinks in Your House

Why You Should Use Stainless Steel Sinks in Your House

We can all learn something from university science departments and the medical field regarding hygiene and cleanliness. Both continue to master the ability of maintaining clean, medically safe environments in a simple, easy manner by placing stainless steel sinks throughout.

By having these sinks in accessible areas, companies are stopping the spread of toxic chemicals and germs. It is effortless to carry germs from your work to home but with stainless steel sinks the flow of spreading negative harmful substances is reduced significantly. So why wouldn’t you adapt the same philosophy to your own home by using these sinks in your kitchen design?

When cooking in a kitchen, you have similar concerns as many pharmaceutical, science and health departments. You need to prohibit the spread of food contamination of any sort. Preserving your family’s health is a priority that is not taken lightly. Resolve this issue with these sinks. They are rust resistant, durable and are easy to clean. If any leftover food items spread then you can stop contamination simply by wiping down the sink. This also saves you time from having to spend on cleaning the sink and kitchen and more time to spend with the family, especially after serving a large family dinner. The last thing you want to do after cooking, serving and eating is spend further exhausting time cleaning up.

With this material, you may also think about the diverse designs available that would match your home aesthetic. What type of style are you emitting in the space? Are you looking for a specific finish or color? Steel does come in many colors and finishes so think about what would work best for your home needs. Once you realize what the top selection is for you and your family then the hard part is over. Finding and maintaining are the easy parts.

How to Keep Your New Kitchen Addition Clean?

As mentioned above, the maintenance and cleaning spent on these sinks is minimal but to reduce it further there are a few things to remember. Here are a few of our top tips.

Remember to rinse the sink completely after each use. You do not have to go through some painstaking step. Just run the water for a few minutes then wipe the area clean with a sponge.

Do not place hot pans, metal cans and cast iron cookware in the sink for long periods of time. Even though this material is rust-resistant, these items can leave permanent stains on the sink.

There are additional tips on how to preserve the look and use of stainless steel. To find out more, talk to a distributor today.…

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Tips for Fixing Up Your Bathroom Blues

In addition to just being functional, bathrooms are generally rooms in your home that are in high demand, expected to be clean and sanitary and should be pleasing to the eye.A� You may be starting to notice how sick and tired you are of your bathroom, but feel like you don’t have the time or resources to do any major upgrades.A� Well, you’re in luck, because short of re-tiling your shower or tearing out and replacing your toilet, there are lots of small, inexpensive steps you can take to turn your bathroom into a peaceful getaway.
First, start by removing anything that has been just sitting around collecting dust, such as old decorations, dirty picture hangings or old cosmetic products that aren’t being put to use.A� As a matter of fact, get rid of everything that was being used as decor and start fresh. Organize your necessities into containers that can be easily stored under the sink or in cabinets.
Next it’s time to clean well!A� Scrub the room from top to bottom so it is a sparkling clean.A� If you are having issues with mold or stained molding and sealant around fixtures, consider spending a little extra money to re-mold or re-caulk these sections to achieve a brand-new look.
Choose a color theme for painting that you will appreciate each time you enter the room.A� Some people want bright and fun – something cheery to wake them up in the morning. Other people may decide to choose more soothing colors that help them relax or wind down in the evenings during a hot bath.A� Take your time with your decision and have fun!
After deciding your goals for the effects of the room, replace your old worn out bath mats and towels with new ones that complement your new wall color.A� If you have a shower curtain rack, I recommend replacing the rings, the inner curtain and the outer curtain, preferably with a one toned, thicker-styled hanging that will automatically make your bathroom look more luxurious and expensive in relation to a corny plastic fish pattern.A� If you have room, a horizontally arched shower curtain can add a lot more space in your shower area.
Lighting is where I would spend the majority of my budget.A� There are an insane number of unique lighting fixtures that can really become the main centerpiece of your new bathroom.A� Today, people want bright bathrooms and new lighting can really make a difference.A� What a better way to show off your new room than to light it up!
Finally, bring in a few pieces that will tie the room together. Candles are cheaply replaced and can really add to the ambience and sumptuousness of the room, as well as offer pleasing scents.A� Here’s where you can be creative, but don’t go overboard with your additional pieces.A� Remember, less is more and a simple, clean, uncluttered bathroom is the goal.A� This small effort is a great way to turn your old dingy bathroom into a new sanctuary that you will love to enjoy!…

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Bathroom Furniture – How To Choose Bathroom Cabinets For Your Bathroom

Bathroom Furniture – How To Choose Bathroom Cabinets For Your Bathroom

The bathroom used to be a neglected room while some of the other rooms were receiving attention during remodeling, redecoration or redesigning. This is no longer the case as modern bathrooms are more stylish and have class. More attention has been turned to bathrooms and they have started looking more attractive and appealing. Bathrooms are no longer being used only for cleanliness but to also provide a convenient, pleasing and comfortable environment for cleaning oneself. You will find many people revamping the look of their bathrooms by using bathroom furniture. Bathroom cabinets form part of bathroom furniture. This article is dedicated towards understanding more about this piece of bathroom furniture and how you can choose the right one for your bathroom.

Many people prefer using bathroom cabinets instead of using racks or shelves. This is because the cabinets make the room look more organized and have more storage space. They can be categorized based on shape, material and size used on them. They can also be mounted on the wall or be placed in a horizontal manner. You can have a cabinet that is designed to fit at the corner of the bathroom wall or one that is removable. Many of the modern-day cabinets have mirrors attached to them.

When you want to choose a bathroom cabinet, you have to consider some of the following issues before you make your choice:

– Positioning of the cabinet – Various cabinets are designed to be positioned at various places in the bathroom. Some of the them can be positioned vertically, horizontally or over-the-sink.

– Materials used to make the cabinet – There are a wide variety of materials that are used to make bathroom cabinets including metal, glass, wood, etc. Each of these materials have further sub-divisions within them. For wood, one can decide to have cabinets made from teak-wood, oak-wood or maple-wood. For glass, one can have clear or foggy glass cabinets. For metal, one can have steel or aluminum cabinets.

– Design of the cabinet – The design of the cabinet depends with the design of the bathroom. If the bathroom is a modern one, a person can opt to use a bathroom cabinet which is classy, trendy and has a modern look.

– Number of doors – Cabinets can have one, two or three doors. Depending on the requirements of an individual, one can get a bathroom cabinet with the number of doors they desire.…