When homeowners decide it’s time to remodel their bathrooms, the question “which toilet should we buy?” becomes inevitable. However, savvy homeowners routinely go with American Standard toilets. Their products exceed expectations in various capacities.
Aside from toilets, American Standard has a vast array of products that are designed to match the needs of every consumer. American Standard toilets separate themselves from the rest of the pack with a trendy, fashion-forward appearance that will spruce up any bathroom. An identifying attribute of these toilets is the elongated oval shape.
Besides their physical appearance, American Standard toilets deliver on the customers’ demand for functionality. One innovative technology, “Everclean,” delivers on the most important aspect of toilets; the ability to stay sanitary. Installed within the piping of the toilet, “Everclean” technology is becoming more desirable by many. It shields them from common contaminants. The benefit is that your toilet will remain clean, and be easy to clean, no matter how much time has passed. These toilets come in a wide array of colors, which allows you the ability to mix and match to create the perfectly-coordinated bathroom.
American Standard goes farther, though. Most of its toilets meet the requirements of the EPA’s Watersense credentials. So your purchase of one of these toilets not only looks stylish in your bathroom, but it does wonders for the environment!
For a sleek one-piece toilet, consider the New Savona. If you’re going with a trendy, modern look for the bathroom, look no farther than this toilet. Best of all, this toilet has a 10-year warranty so you can sleep easy at night.
After over 130 years in operation, American Standard’s reputation precedes it, and rightfully so. Their products are far-reaching, ranging from personal residences to airports. The resiliency of their goods is not only an attribute upon which they pride themselves, but also is part of their legacy. Their products are present in the majority of U.S. residences.
Special care and scrutiny is given to ensure that these toilets conserve natural resources, not to mention money. You do not need to sacrifice to conserve water. One of the most frustrating things about toilets is when they clog. Fortunately, these toilets have been through a thorough design and testing process to minimize the occurrence of clogs.
What it all comes down to is performance and appearance. And for a toilet that gives you both of these, go with an American Standard toilet.

By Muezza