Bathroom Vanities Are An Efficient Use Of Your Space

Bathroom vanities give you the most efficient use of space in your bathroom. Most bathrooms are small, and the space inside holds no more than a sink, a shower or tub, and a toilet. If you need storage space, however, a medicine cabinet appears to be all that will fit. This isn’t the case with bathroom vanities, however. Instead, the combination of a wooden cabinet, a sink with a small counter, and a mirror in some cases allows you a place to wash, groom, and store items ranging from towels and linens to shaving supplies and hair tools.

Traditional bathroom vanities have a wooden cabinet as the base. With several finish possibilities, this cabinet often has one or two doors that open to a large space. Inside, this space may even be equipped with shelves. But no matter the design of the interior, many items can be kept inside. Towels, hair driers and straighteners, makeup bags, trimmers and razors, bath products, and cleaning supplies can all fit inside.

On top of the wooden cabinets are a small counter and sink. The counter, made from real or synthetic stone, can support items as you use them. Additionally, many bathroom vanities come with a mirror.

Double vanities give your bathroom even more efficiency within a small space. Double vanities are characterized by two sinks on one counter. Between 60 and 73 inches long, these fixtures allow two people to use the space at once; if a home or apartment is designed with only one bathroom, the double vanity reduces wait time for getting ready in the morning. Additionally, the double design still has all of the traditional features, including a large cabinet or two smaller cabinets below and a counter with greater surface area.

Bathroom vanities come in two styles – contemporary and traditional. Traditional vanities have a wooden cabinet with a stone counter and porcelain sink on top, while most contemporary styles are made from a combination of glass and metal.

By Muezza