Adding Unique Bathroom Accessories Can Change the Entire Look of Your Bathroom

The smallest changes can make the biggest impact in your smallest room. While essential, it is often the room that is usually the most ignored in terms of design and comfort. Think about how many hours you spend here in your life. 15 minutes at a time can add up. Easily many hours in a week. It should be appealing and restful.

Tile and walls are expensive to change. By adding simple new accents, you can transform this room. The most obvious is towels. If you are like most people you have a cache of towels that were given to you in sets of two with the attendant finger towels or maybe a towel left behind on a summer day after swimming. You stuffed them in the closet and now they stay there as “backup” towels. Advice here: your local veterinarian office will be happy to take useless towels off your hands. Have a shopping spree. Figure out how many towels you wash in a week and buy the appropriate number. Still getting them as presents? Donate them unused to a shelter.

To transform your space, first determine the color family of your tiles. Do you want to enhance the tile color or mute it down with an opposing color? Will you use the towels as display or will they be used? In a not much used powder room, looks will prevail. In a more used bathroom remember that towels have texture and they may dominate the room just by hanging there. It is also possible to theme your bathroom with accessories. Very popular now is the rubbed brass finish and the waiting to be polished sort of black/silver finish. Either one can create a theme.

Since most bathrooms have chrome fittings, black/silver would be the easiest finish of choice. Many types of accessories are available. Paper holders, hooks, light fittings, etc. A real addition would be an over the toilet tank set of shelves. Does anyone ever have enough room for all of their “stuff?” Remember when hosting the stuff that it’s better to keep the junk out of sight and use the shelves for the purpose of warming up the space with plants or pictures. The rest is yours to store “things” in baskets or the closet. Remember that this room is where you spend a number of hours of your life.

If replacements for fixtures are required, check on the many low cost units available at your local department or hardware store. Dying for the brass look and can’t afford to change out the fittings? There are low cost options available to re-purpose/re-finish the fixtures. While at the local store check out the low flow toilets and the reduced water shower options available. Saving dollars in this essential room will add to your over a lifetime savings for the environment and your bank account.

By Muezza