When most people think of a roofing company, they think of the workers on the roof installing shingles or tarps. However, more goes into running a successful roofing company than just the installation crew. There are several types of jobs found in a typical roofing company.

Sales And Marketing

The first type of job is in sales and marketing. This includes individuals responsible for finding new customers and convincing them to hire the company for their roofing needs. They may also be responsible for creating marketing materials such as brochures and website content.

Accounting And Finance

The next type of job is accounting and finance. This includes individuals responsible for ensuring the company has enough money to be successful and being on top of any financial responsibilities involved with running a business. This includes things like payroll, taxes, and insurance.

Property Management

The next type of job is property management. This can include individuals in charge of finding places for new employees to work out of. It may also include creating contracts for rental properties used by current or potential new customers/clients. They are also generally in charge of getting leases signed, collecting rent, and maintaining and preserving the space and its condition (making repairs). There may even be times when these professionals must deal with legal matters such as drafting eviction notices or representing the company during hearings.

Project Management

The fourth type of job is project management. This includes individuals responsible for making sure the work done by the installation crew is up to standard and meets the customer’s expectations. They also ensure that the crew is working efficiently and that all necessary supplies are on hand. In some cases, they may also be responsible for ordering supplies and overseeing the budget for the project.

Installation Crew

The installation crew is the final type of job you can find in any roofing company like Georgia Roofing and Paving. This includes workers responsible for installing shingles, tarps, and other roofing materials. They must work efficiently and understand how to install a variety of roofing materials properly.

So, as you can see, a lot goes into running a roofing company. Some individuals are responsible for finding new customers, ensuring the company has enough money to succeed, overseeing projects, and installing roofing materials. If you are interested in starting a roofing company or working for one, it is important to understand the various jobs involved. This will help you determine which position would be a good fit.

By Muezza