Log Home Lighting Ideas and Tips

When it comes to decor, this is believed to be a challenge faced by log homes. It is assumed to be a challenge especially when based on the design of the home and other decorative things that have been added. Due to this, many people have ended up with poorly lit log homes which can be caused by log color and richness. The solution is that you have to choose the best bulbs for this type of home so as to have good lighting and an unique setting. There are certain factors that you have to consider when you want to achieve a well-lit atmosphere in these homes.

* Ambient lighting

This is the common type of brightness that is used to illuminate a house. When you have a log home, you can achieve this with the use of single bulb or fluorescent bulbs. You can also use pot lights, chandeliers among other types of lighting. These types of lighting gives full amount of light without affecting the decor with some ugly fixtures which can be caused by unsightly bulbs. In order not to completely see the fixtures, you have to fix the chandeliers in the ceiling. It is recommended that you opt for small lighting for logs are known to absorb light.

* Ancient lighting

When you have a log home, you need to consider having accent lighting. This is a common feature of home lighting decor and it can also be used in setting the mood of the day in the house or at home. There is certain lighting that can be used to achieve this like wall scones which can be used to illuminate artwork. You can also incorporate overhead lighting which can be used as a spotlight on a specific area in the house.

* Task lighting

These are lights that tend to be a bit darker, hence they add their own importance in the home. These lights are ideal for kitchen lighting where you can add another light bar at the top of the cooking area. They can also be used in a cabin to offer light to the items in it. You can also select from standalone lamps, antler or rustic which can offer more light when you are cooking.

On the other hand, antlers and rustic lighting can be used in most parts of log homes like living rooms or bedrooms. You have to know how to buy these lights so as to select on those that will perfectly fit your log home lighting needs.

By Muezza