The garage door is probably the largest moving part of your home, so you must maintain it regularly to keep it working correctly. But like anything mechanical, it can break down, even when you hold it. The most common problems with garage doors involve the doors not opening or closing correctly. Finding out the causes will help solve these problems and decide when you can fix it yourself or when you need to look for automatic gate repair frisco tx.

You can look for the obvious when you fix a garage door that won’t close. Dirty garage door sensors, also known as infrared or photoelectric sensors, can cause the sensors to become weak. Check for obstructions, often when a garage door falls, doesn’t go all the way down, or goes right up. Once the garage door sensor detects that something or someone is in its way, it stops to avoid doing damage. In other cases, sensors on either side of the garage do not line up, causing the door to go down. Cleaning, aligning, or replacing garage door sensors can help solve these problems.

Torsion springs are concentrated on a bar above the garage door opening; a garage door has a pair of torsion springs, one on each side of the door’s center. When the torsion spring breaks, the garage door will be uneven and will not close all the way. A broken torsion spring can also cause the garage door not to close or open at all. Replace the broken torsion spring to fix this problem. When one torsion spring breaks, the other follows, so replace both of them each time one breaks. Be careful when handling or repairing torsion springs. They are very dangerous because they are under tension. People are killed or maimed when these springs are tightened and released without following safety procedures and using the correct tools. It’s best to call in an automatic gate repair frisco tx professional.

The other type of spring found on garage doors is the extension spring, which runs along the top, right, and left door rails and extends to do its job. A garage door will not close completely, close partially, and then reverse or not open at all when the spring is broken. It is not as difficult or risky to repair the torsion spring. However, it is essential to follow some safety measures, as an extension spring extends with a potentially deadly force due to the weight it is lifting.

Another important cause of a garage door not working is that the pulleys wear out. When the ball bearings break down, they cause the pulley to scratch. The rivets fail along with the pulley splits, causing the door cable to jam. Replace worn out pulleys to fix the problem.

A bent track may cause the garage door not to open or close. A professional automatic gate repair frisco tx will straighten, adjust, or replace the track to fix this problem.

By Muezza