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Bathroom Remodel

Practical And Economical Floors

Travertine is a well-known stone product to be used in the home, as well as in the garden or yard. It is a type of tile made from a sedimentary rock named travertine. There are many sources of travertine in the world. One of the most well-known is Tivoli, Italy and the rock is named after the Latin name of this Italian city. Travertine is also excavated in Mexico and Eastern Europe.
This classic Roman stone has been used in buildings and flooring for several thousands of years. For example, the Coliseum in Rome is made practically entirely of travertine and not of marble, as most people think. Travertine is a sedimentary rock that was formed by the evaporation of water in ponds of hot springs. With the evaporation of water, layers of minerals were left behind and these minerals give wonderful tones to the stone. Several colors can be discovered in each tile depending on the accumulation of various minerals during the development process.
The travertine tiles are a good investment that adds value to the home and are an excellent exhibit. Their natural and stylish beauty makes it look good anywhere in the house. Being a flexible material, you can create interesting designs that will fit well in the entire sketch of your apartment, depending on how you wish to install them.
Your best choice is to use travertine for the floor and then purchase a comfortable rug that gives smoothness to the floor and makes the room cozier. The best areas to install travertine are also the bathroom and kitchen floors also and these are the best places where it proves its value compared to other materials. Small rooms could also be adorned with travertine, which is the ideal way to enhance the looks of a room beyond other materials you could imagine. Certainly, travertine has a high-class finish.
Due to its strength and stability, travertine will outlast anything else you might decide to fit in your house. This leads to long term savings, however not everyone is able to bear the expense required to install it. Carpets are obviously cheaper, but the advantage of travertine is that it won’t grow old that rapidly. From time to time the carpet needs to be replaced again. Unlike it, the travertine just needs maintenance and regular sealing every few years.
In order to get the right investment and appropriately use your money, you need to do some research online. Sometimes you will find stores that don’t have your chosen material in stock, but another range of available products. Online retailers offer cheaper prices, however keep in mind that there are transportation costs too. But the advantages will show up in time, when you will be enjoying your home decoration more and more.
Some people don’t use travertine tiles only in their homes, but also for their patios. If you are a happy owner of a countryside home, then travertine tiles are the best choice for your back garden.…

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Home Maintenance

Things to Note About Hardwood Floors

The home is one place that needs to be cozy, warm and welcoming at all times. To install flooring in your home is synonymous to giving your house a welcoming air. It equally boosts the style and classic nature of the house. The unique nature of hardwood flooring makes it a go-getter for most contemporary home owners. Just installing hardwood in certain parts of your house will give it a great lift anytime, any day. Hardwood, as the name suggests, is made of wood from trees. As such, there are various types of hardwood going from red and white oaks to mahogany and the rest.
The hardwood market has seen great development in recent years due to high demand of hardwood floors. Some people have even developed laminate wood floors which are fake hardwood floors with the same feel and look as the real wood floor. The most glaring advantage of this type of flooring is the wide range of variety it enjoys. As opposed to other types of flooring, hardwood flooring specialists provide users with so many alternatives ranging from color, texture, hardness, shine, etc. There are so many varieties so much so that almost anyone could find something quite appealing and satisfactory to their taste and fulfilling their needs.
Indeed, real estate agents will tell you that houses with wood flooring are amongst the most costly property on sale in the market. Hardwood will make any potential buyer more interested in a property on sale. Not only do such houses cost money, but they are also highly requested. Just a simple wooden floor in some areas of your home could significantly step up its value if at some point in time you decide to sell the property. It is also true that, the wood used for the said hardwood flooring, will go a long way in deciding how lasting the flooring will be.
Moreover, these floors are very easy to clean. With the advancement in technology and hygiene needs, several cleaning chemicals have been composed for the cleaning of hardwood. Nowadays, it has become very easy to find custom chemicals for the cleaning of wooden floors. If you need a home that is classy, stylish, chic, modern, warm, cozy and welcoming, then you should consider installing a hardwood floor. You will certainly ponder a little about the color shades you would want. However, this is just one step to getting the floor you want and deserve.…

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Home Maintenance

Cantinas And Tile Floors

Cantinas are special settings where people usually come to serve liquors. Besides being associated to bars, a cantina is also advertised as a wine shop in certain areas of the United States of America, more precisely, in the Southwest, near the Mexican border. It is a well-known fact that cantinas have reached a tremendous popularity and many who own a Mexican restaurant, often include in their brand the term “cantina” so that all who have a passion for Mexican cuisine and traditions will confidently approach these locations.
Since cantinas are great advertisers for Mexican culture, the interest in decor is pretty large. All cantina owners do their best so that their restaurants or bars will turn into true promoters of the Mexican traditions. Besides decorative items, which carry a significant cultural message, few issues also need to be handled carefully. For instance, comfort, safety in compliance with food hygiene legislation, and first class services are fundamental in every cantina.
Tile flooring is one of the elements, which has a tremendous contribution to the fulfillment of all the above stated standards. Tile floors should not be underestimated, on the contrary, the appropriate tile composition, color and design will surely provide hospitality, comfort and safety.
Decorators who have taken care of cantinas state that few aspects need to be considered when choosing tile flooring in such settings. First of all, tiles that are extremely durable to pedestrian traffic and non-slippery should be primordial. In general, limestone tiles serve both demands. Moreover, natural hues, such as beige and honey are symbolizing a welcoming ambiance.
According to experts in interior design, limestone tiles go hand in hand with rustic locations. Besides traffic and aesthetic standards, tile flooring is a must in any restaurant’s kitchen. No use in saying that easy cleaning and maintenance are mandatory in order to keep up with a dynamic workflow, hygiene criteria, and customers’ orders. In case you have already scheduled a dinner to your favorite Mexican restaurant, take some time and assess all auxiliary elements of the restaurant. You will realize it’s not all about food; music and d?�cor have a tremendous contribution to what we call Mexican ambiance.…

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How to Install Wood Floors

If a plank wood flooring or traditional strips of wood are laid on the sub floor and then it requires finishing for completion of the flooring. However, newer pre-finished wood strips are also available in the market, and do not require any finishing. In case of installation of wood floors were to be done professionally in that case any of the two options could be opted for, however if the “do-it-yourself” option is chosen then it is better to go with the finished planks as it can leave marks in the hands of an amateur. However, it is advised that professionals should be allocated for this job.
However let us first discuss the steps to installing wood floors.
Step one:
Calculation of surface area
Take measurements of the entire place which needs to be covered with flooring. Moreover normally the length is taken alongside the longest wall and for a bigger area possibly the direction alongside where the traffic moves the maximum. The purchase of the flooring needs to be done with the square footage keeping the wastage component in mind. Moreover, acclimatize the wood planks and allow it to get used to the property’s humidity level.
Step two
Prepare the sub floor
Clear and surface the entire floor which will be floored. Moreover, cover the sub floor with a thick layer of asphalt felt. Spacers need to be put alongside the wall for provision of expansion.
Step three
Trimming of door casing
All the bottoms of doors as well other areas need to be trimmed such that the flooring can slip easily under the door. An underlayment along with the flooring needs to be kept as a provision.
Step four
Start laying the first course
The longest or the widest planks will be for the first row. The first row then needs to be face nailed through the plywood of the sub floor.
Step five
Laying the remaining course
The next two rows need to be blind nailed. Moreover while installing the second row and each row thereafter a short piece of flooring needs to hammered and tightened against the previous row. The end joints should be wider than possibly 6 inches and the joints should not be over those of the sub floor.
In case if the surface area to be floored is a large one then, a flooring nailer needs to be used after the first three rows. This is to avoid scratching or damage to the floor. On reaching the last ledge, a pry bar and a block needs to be utilized to tightly drill the planks into position. In case of any change in level while the new flooring, a reducer strip needs to be installed which is rounded or beveled which fits in smoothly. On the other hand it can be butted against the grooves or the edges as well.
Step six
Lastly, the baseboard molding needs to be reinstalled. Moreover the spacers against the walls need to be removed and the extras need to be trimmed for neatening of the entire flooring.
• The life of the wood floors is usually anything between 10-25 years. This is dependent on the maintenance by the individual. Apart from the regular cleaning and dusting, various solutions and pastes are available for polishing and maintenance.…

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Bathroom Renovations

Have Fun With The Colors Of Your Floors

As concerns the color scheme of tiles, especially if you chose a natural stone, such as marble, you are probably aware that is not – as regards the basic colors – as wide as that of ceramic tiles. But it fully compensates that by veining, patterns and shades. So much so that you will not be able to find two identical tiles! While the tile arrangement will never look seamless, this ‘defect’ may ensure the dynamism a fully or mostly tiled room would miss due to the clean, monotonous aspect of a substantially tiled area.
As with any other color scheme, you have to consider the function of the room and the other items you would like to place in there. Too gay and exciting colors in your bedroom would prevent you from resting, while too dull colors in your living room may ‘help’ you feel blue or bored. On the same lines, if your tiles are not in a neutral color, you can’t have accessories in unpleasantly contrasting colors. Once you mind these tips, you may proceed to choose and match your marble tiles.
If you plan to have a rustic kitchen, you can go for the beige, earthy tones of tumbled marble tiles for your floor. Both by their aged finish and large sizes are fit in there, making your kitchen look more natural and spacious. The rustic aspect will be also guaranteed by their simplicity, given that no veining or patterns are present in their case. If, on the contrary, you would like to have a modern, elegant-looking kitchen, you would better opt for cappuccino marble tiles that are polished and look stately, due to both their classy color variations and capacity for reflecting light. The beige or light brown color with shades of tan or gold gives these marble tiles not only a sumptuous luster but also an inviting aspect, making you feel the need of a cappuccino coffee, to be shared with your friends in this classy setting.
If you move to the bathroom now, you have to decide whether you want it to look warm and cozy or fashionable and sophisticated. In the first case, you may go for some light beige tumbled tiles that impart a warm and authentic feel, in the second you may resort again to some cappuccino tiles in beige and honey shades that, by their lavish polished finish would give a decorative aspect to your floor.
Whatever color you choose for your marble tiles – brown, white, red or black, enriched by whatever veining, shades or patterns, unlike in the case of colors of other items, make sure you consider also their texture and finish. Polished tiles will look different from the honed or tumbled ones, even if coming in the same color or shade.…