Kitchen Island Designs: How To Choose The Right One

Kitchen Island designs are important to consider if you think a kitchen island would fit in well with your current setup. If you have decided that a kitchen island is a good idea (and it usually is, if you want more work space and/or eating space), here are some things to consider so that you choose the right one for your needs and decor:

1. Determine what you’re going to use the island for.

When choosing an island design for your kitchen, one of the most effective steps is to determine the function of the island. Will you use it strictly as a place to eat and chat? Will you use it for a microwave, refrigerator, or sink? There’s no “right” or “wrong” function of your kitchen island. Instead, it’s important to determine how it can enhance your time in the kitchen.

2. You can add food preparation surfaces underneath the island.

While food preparation is part of any kitchen, it’s not the most thrilling sight for others to see. Fortunately, you can create levels of preparation areas underneath the island’s surface. This allows you to do whatever slicing, mixing, and other activities you need to do-without everyone seeing the mess.

3. Provide enough clearance.

That should be enough room between your island and kitchen cabinets. Specifically, three to four feet is usually adequate. If you’re in doubt, provide more space, so that your family will be comfortable around the kitchen island table. In addition, when you put in your island, make sure you measure so that you sure you have enough clearance. This will help prevent mistakes or accidents because there are things that are too close to the kitchen island.

4. Choose the right surface.

Depending on what you use the island for, you will need to pick the right surface.

5. Look at the big picture.

When you pick out a design for the kitchen island, take a look at the rest of your kitchen decor. Depending on what you want, you can match the island to your kitchen decor, or you can contrast it with it, as long as it goes with your overall theme. For example, you could make your island match your kitchen cabinets exactly, or you can contrast them and match them to the kitchen table chairs in your kitchen instead. This is one of the more popular trends in modern kitchens, in fact, to match the kitchen island to the furniture instead of to the cabinets, so be sure to pay attention to the kitchen table chairs as well.

6. Should your kitchen island be “post legs” open design, or cabinet style?

Both of these styles can help to complement any kitchen. When choosing either style, make sure to consider the form and function of your island. For instance, if you’re using the island for more than a table, then the cabinet style island would be a wise option. However, if you want the island to be an area strictly to eat and chat-then consider one with post legs.

A good kitchen island can help your kitchen look even better than it is. It’s basically a way to add extra “furniture” your kitchen for much-needed extra space, so that you can have extra seating or a bigger food prep area. Whether you need more eating space, more cooking space, or both, a good kitchen island can fulfill your needs for you.

By Muezza