Bathroom Tiles – Different Kinds And Their Key Features

Ceramic slabs are considered the best bathroom tiles because of their excellent water resistance capacity and easy to clean surface. Ceramic flooring comes in a variety of colors and is available at affordable prices. They are convenient to set and easy to maintain. Since ceramic slabs are highly resilient towards water, dust, dirt and grime, they require less cleaning than other floorings. If you are working in a tight budget then consider using ceramic flooring on your bath floor. It will not only enhance the look and feel of your bathroom but also make it water proof, germ free and hygienic.

Slate bathroom tiles are also a good choice but they are some expensive that ceramic. Slate being a natural stone is stronger than ceramic is ideal for bathrooms with bulky accessories like bathtub. Most people think slate comes in one color that is dull grey but they are wrong. This flooring comes in a large range of shades and colors including light grey, green, blue and rust. You can choose a color that matches perfectly with the design and theme of rest of the home. Slate floorings are also easy to maintain but these slabs required to be sealed properly. Ceramic tiles have no sealing requirement.

Marble bathroom tiles can give your bath a royal look but these slabs are porous in nature and hence require proper maintenance. Marble has been a preferred choice of homeowners and homemakers but there are certain factors to be considered prior to using marble flooring on bathroom floor. First, the marble slabs should be decently grouted and sealed. Second, the slabs shouldn’t be rubbed or washed with detergents. Marble bathroom floor would require sealing in every three years. For cleaning marble slabs, you should use oxygen bleach solution that is safe for both the slab and the grout lines.

Granite bathroom tiles are the best of all the floorings because granite has the qualities of ceramic and strength of slate. It is no doubt the most expensive flooring but it worth the price. Granite can withstand everything including polluted water and chemical present in shampoos and hair colors. It is virtually unbreakable hence can be used to cover the entire bathroom floor. The most striking feature of granite flooring is that it is a no maintenance flooring. It’s so smooth that nothing except air can stand over its surface. Also it is slip-resistant.

By Muezza