If your home is dated or is no longer as functional as you like, you don’t need to go through the stress of selling your house and buying another that better suits your family. Selling your home can take months and possibly years, and it can take even longer to find a home that has everything you are looking for. If you want to avoid the hassle of selling and buying a house, you should consider a home remodel.

Remodeling your home will allow you to stay in the same neighborhood, and you can include updates that will make your home more functional. Over the years, home remodels have become more and more popular. According to Nerd Wallet, homeowners spent $522 billion on home improvements between 2017 and 2019.

If you are planning a home remodel, it is essential that you know the most common remodeling mistakes so that you can avoid them.

Making the Remodel a DIY Project

One of the most common remodeling mistakes is making it a DIY project. Being handy with a hammer doesn’t qualify you to do the job yourself. A home remodel requires a lot of knowledge that you likely don’t have. According to State Farm, a DIY project can cost more than hiring a contractor. This isn’t the only issue a DIY remodel could cause. The other potential problems include:

  • You could go way over budget.
  • You could fail to reach your deadlines if you only have time to work on weekends.
  • You can run into an issue that you can’t handle, and you will need to call a contractor.
  • If you aren’t working on the house every day, it won’t be long before your family gets tired of the mess created by the remodel.

If you hire a licensed contractor to handle the job, you won’t need to deal with any of the headaches associated with a DIY remodel.

Setting An Unrealistic Budget

Before you can start planning a home remodel, you need to set a budget based on what you can afford. If you set an unrealistic budget, you won’t be able to get everything on your must-have list. In addition, it isn’t uncommon for the contractor to find issues that need to be repaired before they can continue with the remodel. When creating your budget, you should set 20 percent aside for any unexpected issues.

Going With the Contractor With the Lowest Bid

When getting bids for the project, you should choose the contractor with the lowest bid. However, if a contractor gives you a bid that is significantly lower than the rest, they should be avoided. There are several reasons why they are offering such a low bid, including;

  • They are hiding some of the costs until later in the project.
  • They aren’t skilled at creating a budget.
  • They plan to cut corners to save money.
  • They aren’t highly skilled in construction and will do sub-par work.

The best way to avoid this mistake is to hire the contractor with the lowest bid that is close to the others.

Failing To Check References

When you get bids from contractors, you should also get references from former clients. Checking references will ensure the contractor you choose can handle the job. In addition, ask if they have photos of their previous work. This is the best way to see what the contractor is capable of, and you can be sure the job will be done right.

Failing To Pull a Permit

Most cities and towns require a permit before the remodeling process can begin; failing to get a permit is one of the most common remodeling mistakes. If your contractor says they will do the work without a contract, you should insist they get one. If the local authorities find out you are remodeling your home without a permit, you can get a substantial fine. In addition, the work can be shut down until you have a permit, which will set back your established deadlines and the project will take longer.

It is essential to make sure the permits are in order before the work begins.

Falling victim to common remodeling mistakes can affect your timeline, budget, and the overall appearance of your home when the job is complete. Knowing the common mistakes and how to avoid them will ensure things will go smoothly, and you will be happy with the final result.

By Muezza