Bathroom Towel Rails

People renovate nearly every corner of their house but more often ignore the renovation of their bathrooms. A contemporary and luxurious bathroom not only signifies your purchasing power but also gives an insight into your lifestyle. Bathroom towel rails are an incredible addition to bathroom accessories. People often face an immense dilemma when they purchase a bathroom rails. They don’t know whether to buy the brass rails or the steel heated rails. It is a known fact that brass rails are more expensive than steel rails. The brass rails are known to have a much longer life than steel rails. It is considered as cost effective. The brass rails also have a good finish.

You will come across a number of these rails that will add glory to your bathroom. There is an assorted collection of bathroom towel rails in different colors, sizes and metals in the market. They come in different shapes. Some of these are explained below.

Chrome curled towel rails

These rails are called chrome curled because they have a dazzling coating of chrome on their surface and the shape of their bars is curved. These rails have a specialty that they can be easily accessed anywhere, even inside a centrally heated system. The dimension of these rails is 500 x 800 mm. However they are also manufactured in other sizes and are sold with a guarantee of five years by the manufacturer.

Straight multi rails

Straight multi rails are the best for any bathroom. They even work fine in any cloakroom. They are considered as a complete stylish product that has realistic qualities and features. Installing a straight bathroom towel rail will help you place your towel inside the bathroom while you take a shower. Besides, it will serve you two more purposes. Firstly, it will keep your towel dry and secondly, it will keep your bathroom heated. The dimension of these rails is 300 x 100 mm and its electrical power output is 200 watts.

Electric straight towel rails

Electric straight towel rails are also one of the most popular bathroom accessories. They also give multiple uses and can be exposed to any surrounding conditions such as under an electric heater or under the central heating system. The dimension of these rails is 500 x 760 mm. However these rails are also available in other dimensions and sizes. They are sold with a warranty of five years from the manufacturer.

By Muezza