Cabinetry For Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sink cabinets can be pleasing to the eye as well as being quite useful. Sink cabinetry is created into many different fashions as well as from a wide variety of wood. You can find sinks set into a counter top or sinks sitting right on the cabinet itself. Plumbing as we know it today paved the way for such cabinetry.

A basin was set atop a piece of furniture in the early days. Above the basin there was a spigot or nozzle. The basin itself was poured out after use because there were no connecting pipes to carry water away. Prior to the basin with a spigot, people used a bowl and a jug.

The permanent bathroom sink cabinet came along when modern supply and waste lines needed to be housed and out of sight. The removal of used water required that permanent plumbing lines be installed. There are many types of counter tops. Elements for counter tops encasing a drop in sink include tile, granite, wood and laminates. One piece, comprised of counter top and sink, can also be obtained.

There is a wide variety of woods that can be used for your cabinetry so as to fit in with your design aesthetic. Your sink cabinets do not have to match the rest of your house’s decor since it will be in an entirely different room. One of the most sought after woods for lavatory cabinets is oak. Other aesthetically pleasing woods for cabinets are walnut, hickory, ash, elm maple and pine. There are a variety of finishes for these woods also. They can be left in their natural state or lacquered. Using a lacquer finish will help the natural grain of the wood stand out. Since bathrooms tend to be high humidity areas it is essential to layer on a protective coating to its surface.

There is a wide array of sizes in sink cabinetry. One can find cabinets with a depth of 18′ on up to 21′. Eighteen inches is the minimal length that cabinets come in, but can be tweaked to be placed anywhere. Drawers and doors are usually part of the cabinet. Items to be stored in the bathroom can be stashed in the sink cabinet. Since plumbing and the sink itself needs to be installed, doors on the front of the cabinet make this easier. Designs of the doors can have the more elaborate grooved corners and edges or an elementary square. Doors can be constructed with raised panels, flat panels or can be solid and flat. Most modern homes boast bathroom sink cabinetry.

By Muezza