Decorating a nursery is an exciting moment for parents. You get to pick out the theme and create a welcoming spot for your little bundle of joy. In many ways, it’s the room you may prep the most for, carefully thinking about every little decision. After all, the space should be comfortable, functional and safe, demanding a lot of attention. Consider the following four things if you’re about ready to tackle this fun project.

1. Is It Convenient?

This room may transform a great deal during the first year or two. The baby grows quickly and enjoys numerous developmental changes; therefore, ready yourself to make this space easy to use throughout that time, serving your needed functions and allowing for a lot of playtimes too.

Draw a layout of the space, considering your primary activities. You need an area for the baby to sleep, get changed and enjoy some good tummy time and play. Can you move to the different locations without a struggle? Could you grab a wipe quickly while playing on the floor? You won’t leave the baby’s side much, so you want things within reach.

2. Is it Safe?

Baby-proof the furniture, outlets and doors. Kids are curious by nature. They love to climb, hang and swing, but that isn’t always great in a bedroom. Get safety equipment to latch the furniture to the wall. Ensure that anything with wheels has locking casters—place locks on closets and doors.

3. Is It Themed?

This is for you more than for the baby. Some parents want something pretty simple, such as a neutral color and some soft bedding. Other parents take a lot of time to reflect on the theme. Do you want it filled with animals? Are you a book lover and want to create a mini-library? Perhaps you are into sports or desire something frilly? Do it now. Once your youngster learns to speak, those opinions are coming out! This is your time to make the decisions without any feedback.

4. Is it Entertaining?

Do you have things in the room to stimulate enough attention? Babies like color and things that move. They may adore the fan when it spends. Have some small items to get attention, like a fun animal light that comes on at night or mobile over the bed.

Have fun transforming your room into a cozy spot for family bonding. While you’re brightening the space, also check to make sure it’s safe, convenient and fun.

By Muezza