What You Should Know About Breakfast Bar Stools

These days it’d getting harder to find time for the traditional full, sit down breakfast.  Many people are finding the answer to this problem by using the breakfast bar and breakfast bar stools.  There are a great many designs available to choose from, including the swivel bar stool, which is an especially good choice for this use.  They may be found with or without arm or back supports.  Padded or not.  They are perfect for the smaller home and kitchen, since they take up so little room as compared to table and chairs.  You will find that they tend to be shorter than other kinds of stools.

If you find that you have questions about anything covered in this article, since this is merely an overview you should take a look at some manufacturer and store websites for more detailed information.

At about 30″ tall, breakfast bars are a little lower than the typical table and chairs.  You want to find 20″ stools to go with your breakfast bar.  Leg room is a must.

There are many kinds of wood used for the construction of the most popular breakfast bar stools.

Cherry is a wood that is frequently used in the construction of breakfast bar stools.  It is noted for its red color which darkens as it ages.  Oak is also popular.  Its open grain creates beautiful natural patterns in the right light.  Maple is perhaps the most popular wood.  It is a hard wood with a tight grain.  It is stained to resemble walnut or cherry at times.

Another material used to make bar stools is bamboo.  A relative newcomer to western furniture making, it is a strong and flexible material.  Whether you choose to have bamboo bar stools with back support or without, or with arms or not, rest assured that all the traditional designs are available in bamboo.  These stools are made from basically two colors of bamboo.  There is the white bamboo that most people are familiar with, and there are stools made from black bamboo.  Black bamboo is not dyed.  It is the natural color of some types of bamboo.  From the white bamboo, one kind that stands out is Muso bamboo.  It is noteworthy for the enormous heights it grows to.  It is not uncommon for this bamboo to grow to heights of 70 to 80 feet, and as thick as 7 inches in diameter.

If you want the strength of metal, that is available too.  Breakfast bar stools made from aluminum, which has the advantage of being light and easy to move, can be had.  Wrought iron too is available.  Then there is steel, which can be found in a polished finish, a brushed finish, or painted in any color you like.  You can also find steel in a powder coated finish which is a hard, durable, and long lasting finish.

Depending upon what you’re looking for, the price breakfast bar stools will be from around $50 for one stool to over $500 for a set.  

Checking the websites of a few manufacturers and store websites will give you a better idea of what you can get that will stay within your budget.

The perfect answer to your concerns about not having enough time for a full breakfast or meal, or concerns about finding a way to use less space to feed the troops, breakfast bar stools are the answer you have been searching for.

By Muezza