Bathroom Renovations: Choosing Cloakroom Suites

Many modern homes have a cloakroom used as an alternative to the main bathroom. Usually found in an easy to access place, the cloakrooms are especially useful when there are guests in the home. These mini-bathrooms are also very handy in a home with many residents, or a large family. A typical cloakroom consists of a toilet and a washbasin, and accessories are available to fit in rooms of any size.

Most homes have spaces that can be converted into cloakrooms and those looking to renovate can usually find space that is ideal for this purpose. There are many bathroom cloakroom suites available in the market and they can be installed with little difficulty. They come in different sizes, designs and types to cater for different needs. You can also find furniture pieces that range from wall hung cabinets to other accessories.

Choosing The Ideal Suite

The suites that are designed for cloakrooms are made with versatility and functionality in mind. They are available in many stylish designs and they are created to save on valuable floor space. Most homeowners appreciate the fact that this is the bathroom that guests use and they try to ensure that the room leaves a good impression. Some homeowners with adequate space and the budget install suites in the cloakroom.

If you are thinking of renovating an existing cloakroom, there are various options to choose from. The modern suites are sleek and stylish, and they come in different colors and designs. It is important to choose light colors like white or cream, which create a feeling of space, as well as a minimalist feel. Buying a suite that comes with a vanity unit helps to create extra storage space in the cloakroom. The vanity unit also hides any pipe work creating a finished and uncluttered look.

Using accessories

You can use simple accessories to enhance the room further. Installing wall mounted furniture and ceramics helps to clear floor space, which creates a more spacious feel, while also making cleaning the room easier. Make sure that the accessories you use are appropriate for the size of the room. Do not install features that are too large, as they will make the space look even smaller.

When you are shopping for bathroom suites, it is important to carry out thorough research. Find out the options available and look for good quality suites, which you can get at affordable prices. Make sure that you buy a suite that fits the size and design of your cloakroom.

By Muezza