Helping a senior loved one move into assisted living requires some due diligence. You need to find a residence that offers comfortable accommodations and excellent services. Here some qualities that you should look for when you’re evaluating a senior housing option.


When you’re helping a loved one move to supportive housing, you want to be able to still see them frequently. It’s important to choose a residence that’s centrally located and near you geographically.


A senior residence needs to be easily accessible to individuals who have limited mobility or rely on the use of a wheelchair. Look for physical features such as ramps, elevators, and handicapped accessible bathrooms.


When a senior moves into a new residence, he or she may feel somewhat disenfranchised. It’s optimal to find a setting that engages residents by promoting social interaction in common areas. When you’re looking for senior housing Fall River, look for a residential facility that makes efforts to provide residents with a sense of community and regularly facilitates group activities.


If your senior loved one’s preferred language is not English, it would be preferable to find a housing provider who has staff who is capable of communicating in his or her preferred language. If for, example, your loved one prefers to speak Spanish or Portuguese, he or she would value being able to live at a housing facility that offers linguistically appropriate services.


A facility that offers transportation options can help ensure that your loved one can easily get where he or she needs to go. Drivers should be experienced in driving vehicles that can serve elderly or disabled passengers.

When you’re evaluating housing options, speak with a manager or director so that you can have all of your questions answered in detail. A well-managed facility with a great staff can help make your senior loved one feel right at home.

By Muezza