Quality Over Design When Choosing New Kitchen Worktops

Often people can overlook the idea of replacing their kitchen worktops and instead opt towards completely revamping their kitchens altogether. When it comes to designing the kitchen it is always important to get this right and never to ignore that the kitchen is actually one of the most important rooms in the house. There are many reasons why this is and one of them being that it is the one room that is most used and attracts more people to enter.

For people who are considering selling their house would need to make sure that the kitchen is up-to-date with all mod-cons and a nice appealing design to it. One of the first things that buyers look for is how well-maintained it is and whether the kitchen worktops are of good condition. For some this is not always an important feature if what they are looking for is something they can work on themselves, however, most people will head straight to the kitchen.

Kitchen renovation is very expensive and can be a time consuming effort therefore unless your kitchen is in dire need of major revamping, or you are looking to just work on a new house yourself then it is best to avoid major renovations. The easier and cheaper option would be to replace the worktops for something more modern looking, or something that can bring out the real appeal of the original kitchen design.

As there are a number of worktops available, some being metal and some from wood, it is difficult to get a clear picture of how the change in the current worktop will make a difference to the overall design of the kitchen. The more popular choices in kitchen worktops are those made from wood with the metal worktops mostly used in restaurants, cafes or other areas of the catering industry. Marble is perhaps the more expensive material to buy and is usually found in larger and newer houses.

Wooden worktops vary on many levels with a large supply wood offered. Beech and oak wood are top on the list for consumers as both bring out a different atmosphere to the kitchen. These can dramatically change the appearance and can bring a sense of class into the room. Beech wood is good for spacious, modern and airy rooms. If the rest of the house is furnished with neutral coloured or light coloured furniture then this would be a good choice.

Oak wood tends to be deeper in colour and works well with a more traditional setting. These are also slightly more expensive than beech and last a lot longer than most other woods. They have natural oil that tends to keep bugs and creatures away from the surface. Furthermore they are relatively easy to maintain and do not need a coating of paint applied onto it. They will however need oiling with a special solution which is generally good for keeping it in its shiny condition.

By Muezza