Kitchen Sink Materials – Common Components of a Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are made up of a wide variety of materials. These may include stainless steel, enamel, marble, ceramic, plastic, concrete, stone, glass, and among others. The most common material used in kitchen sink is stainless steel. It is even used not only for kitchen purposes but commercial too. Stainless steel is commonly used because of its quality. This material is durable, usable, and easy to clean.

This material is also cheap to avail. Sinks that are stainless steel is composed of a stainless steel. The advantage of stainless steel sinks is that it cannot be destroyed easily by change of temperature or big impacts. Another popular material used is the enamel. This material is usually applied with a cast iron which makes it heavy but durable. This material is more resistant than stainless steel.

There are also sinks that are made up of plastic. It comes in different forms like injected-molded thermoplastics or acrylic type. The thermoplastics are inexpensive materials used in sinks and often used in laundry rooms. On the other hand, the acrylic form is another form which comes from several types. These types include the drop-in and undermount type of sinks.

Those plastic sinks that are made from solid surface materials are attractive and durable. This form of plastic sinks are either molded with counter top or joined to another counter top. The seamless design with this type has a smoother surface which cannot trap any dirt or germs.

Another material used in kitchen sink is the soapstone. It was the common material used in sinks until it became a high end material used because it can resist chemical reaction.

Some sinks are even made up of wood. This material was used during the early times as sinks and baths. The natural teak is its composition that does not require more finishing. The natural waterproofing property of teak has made this wood sink used for centuries. Another bonus of this material is that the teak wood has natural antiseptic characteristics.

To go with the current trends, bathroom designs are now made of glass sink. This became a fashionable design for rich homeowners. Stone sinks, like the wood type, have been also used for many centuries. The most common stone used as kitchen sink are onyx, granite, and marble.

Some materials used for the purpose of aesthetic look. These include the glass, terrazzo and concrete sinks. This can be produced in several uncommon designs and shapes. Other sinks are used for heavy duty applications like concrete and terrazzo.

By Muezza