The History of Kitchen Blenders

In a Britain kitchen if you are searching for a domestic device to mix few ingredients or make pure food, look for a liquidizer which we generally know as a blender. As we know it is an electrical appliance used for mixing, chopping, or even liquefying various foods.

Generally blender containers are slim and tall so air is not incorporated into the food while it’s operated and so the appliance does not fluff up foods. These devices are ideal for making soups, sauces and other drinks. They are also used for chopping food items like nuts, breadcrumbs, and herb.

The blender was first invented by an English engineer – Dr. Oliver Johnson Schofield. But the credit to first patent goes to the owner of the Stevens Electric Company, Mr. Stephen Poplawski, in 1922. In 1946, Oster manufacturing commercialized a blender naming it Osterizer.

Talking of either home or commercial kitchens, blenders are used for more than many purposes. Using blenders one can crush ingredients like ice and prepare non-alcoholic drinks, fruit smoothies and blended ice coffee. Out of semi-solid ingredients it produces smooth Purees(An Indian food), which are very essentials as baby foods. It can also cut down small solids to fine particles as powders. Blending mixtures of liquids meticulously is an important use of Blenders. And it again helps forming solutions out of solid particles and liquor.

Blenders can be made of stainless steel, porcelain, plastic, or glass. The cover at the top prevents components to spill during processing. The metal blade is placed at the center bottom. The container is placed on the top of the base which contains the motor for revolution of the blades as plugged to an electrical channel. Chopping, blending, grinding and liquefaction are done basing on the different controls at the base.

A large variety of bottom bladed blenders are available in market today. The ones with plastic containers are not that costly and it’s not brittle. But it can easily scratch if washed in the dish washer. If one chooses the glass container it’s obvious that it would be more brittle and expensive but it will get lesser scratches in the dish washer. Select the blender that satisfies your need and makes you comfortable.

By Muezza