The Best Way to Keep Your Kitchen Clean While Cooking

Cooking is one of our favourite hobbies, we love going into the kitchen and creating tasty meals and treats fro our loved ones. What we don’t love, however, is the trail of destruction that we leave behind. How come there’s so much mess?

This has bugged us for generations, well, since the days of masters and servants ceased to exist. At one time, all our ancestors had to do was sit at the table, have their meals brought to them and then retire. The staff downstairs had to worry about all the tidying up.

If you were at the other end of the social scale and didn’t have servants it wasn’t a problem either as you couldn’t afford to cook elaborate meals so there was little, if anything to clean up. The thing is, with today’s so called time saving gadgets, there seems to be more mess than ever. As well as utensils we have used, there are also a stack of appliances such as blenders that need to be cleaned out.

Of course, you may well be very wealthy and not have a clue what I’m actually talking about, but I’m guessing not. Ok, you may have a cleaning lady a couple of times a week, but a bombsite kitchen isn’t really something you want to leave for her. Cooking is one of my great passions in life, tidying up after myself is not. I’ve tried various things to lessen this chore; most of them didn’t work, I’m happy to report that this one did.

Clean as you go is now my kitchen motto. Keep a bowl of hot, soapy water and wash each piece as soon as you’ve used it. Then when you’ve finished, there will only be the last couple of things that you’ve used, so much better than a teetering pile of dirty dishes.

In the long run, leaving everything to the end is making more work for yourself. This is particularly difficult if you have guests for dinner, you know what a state your kitchen is in but can’t abandon your guests to go and clean up. Cleaning as you go means you can enjoy your evening as you know your kitchen is okay.

By Muezza