Salter Aquatronic Kitchen Scale Review

The salter aquatronic kitchen scale is an amazing kitchen scale for all of your ingredient weighing needs. Easily weigh both liquids and solids on the same scale with just the touch of a button. It’s compact dimensions allow the salter aquatronic kitchen scale to fit easily inside a drawer.

Another cool feature of the salter aquatronic kitchen scale is its add and weigh function. With this kitchen scale, you’ll never have to use measuring spoons or cups ever again!

The Good

•Aesthetically appealing.

•Easy to use.

•Zero out feature allows you to weigh ingredients in same container.

•Can be stored vertically or horizontally.

•Eliminates the need for measuring cups and spoons.

•Can stack things on top of scale when not in use without affecting accuracy.

•Can switch from metric to US conversions.

•Weighs both liquids and solids.

•Great for portion control.

•Great for mixing recipes with multiple ingredients in the same bowl.

•Batteries don’t need to be changed often.

•Auto shut off feature to preserve batteries.

•Highly accurate.

•Weighs up to 11 pounds.

•Can also be used to calculate package weights for postage.

•Very sturdy.

•Reasonably priced.

•Easy to clean.

•Easy to read LCD display.

•Doesn’t take up much counter space.

•Easy to replace batteries.

•Has rubber feet that keeps it from sliding on the counter top.

The Bad

•Must be used on a solid level surface.

•Hard to clean around the buttons.

•Feet of scale control the weight.

This salter scale is perfect for:

•People on diets who are trying to control portion sizes.

•People who often cook recipes with multiple ingredients that don’t want to wash a bunch of measuring cups and bowls.

•People who ship a lot of packages and want the convenience of using a single scale for both postal and nutritional needs.

Let’s take a look at all of this scale’s features.

•Scale is electronic.

•Weights both solids and liquids.

•Weighs solids up to 11 pounds.

•Weighs liquids up to 175 fluid ounces.

•Weighs in 1/8 ounce/fluid ounce increments.

•You can weigh food on glass platform or in a container.

•LCD readout.

•Replaceable lithium batteries included.

•10 year manufacturer’s warranty included.

•Scale weighs only 1.7 pounds.

•Dimensions: 9.4 inches by 2.5 inches by 9.1 inches

Overall, for the price, this is a really great kitchen scale in the line of salter products. Sure, there are more expensive scales out there, but most of them have not met such high marks for accuracy, ease of use, and customer satisfaction

By Muezza