Learn About the Features and Desserts You Can Make With the Cuisinart ICE-30BC Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream just so happens to be one of those delightful treats that you never out grow. Cuisinart has made ice cream making easier with the ICE-30BC 2 qt Frozen Ice Cream Maker and Yogurt-Sorbet. Not only do you get the luxury of having this homemade frozen dessert but you also get the option to make frozen yogurt and sorbet too. Leave it to Cuisinart to do what they do best and make one machine a multi-tasking monster. This machine was made for ice cream lovers who like to keep things easy and simple. If ice cream makers had dreams they would definitely be dreaming to become this kind of machine. I’m just saying. This wonderful machine is fool proof with capabilities that most ice cream makers can’t compare to. Retailing at just $79.95, the sky is the limit on frozen treat for you and your family to enjoy all year around!

One thing I failed to mention is the fact that the ICE-30BC can also make great frozen drinks as well. Now if you are 21 and up this should excite you thinking of the limited possibilities for parties and adult gatherings. Do you see where I’m going with this? No need to break out your extremely loud blender to make a frozen drink because when you have this machine you can have frozen desserts or drinks that at maximum take 25 minutes to make. The well insulated bowl for the freezer can hold 2 quarts of frozen treats. Being built with a heavy duty motor is why it takes so little time to get what you need done. Think about starting the Ice Cream Making process and before your favorite TV show goes off you are ready to eat your frozen delight. The combination of the automatic mixing paddle and super cold freezer bowl make your life easier because they do all of the hard work. Backed by a 3 year limited warranty the ICE-30BC is made with beautiful brushed metal that matches any stainless steel kitchen.

There is a large ingredient spout that allows you to add in anything you want to mix so that you can make a unique flavor that you will enjoy. When you order the ICE-30BC machine you also receive a recipe book that gives you great ideas on how you can maximize your frozen imagination. You never know, you could come up with the 32nd flavor that Baskin Robbins never knew they were looking for! Anytime something is made homemade it becomes more special because it comes from the heart and ice cream is no exception to that. To have the opportunity to make something sweet for you and your loved ones with little to no effort can mean a little to you but a lot to them. Cuisinart has made the task of making frozen desserts into a few quick steps that anyone can use. In a world where convenience is all we are looking for the ICE-30BC fits right into that category and makes life a tad bit simpler.

By Muezza