Replacement Window Perks and Options for Homeowners

As technology gets better and better with every year, so too does home improvement solutions. Examples can be found all over, from siding and roofing upgrades, solar-powered fixtures, fortified door replacements and one that has an almost immediate impact, replacement windows.

The last point is the main focus of this article. Learning to be more energy efficient isn’t just because it’s more eco-friendly – it’s a standard for home remodeling that’s more or less one of the first things any homeowner expects. With that being said, new windows are one of the leaders on that list.

Replacement windows are great for a number of reasons. In this article, I’ll share a few tips for homeowners on the perks for switching out the old with the new.

Prettier, Meatier and Reliable: As window technology, R-values and research have shown us over the years, replacement windows are built to be designer-savvy, aid in temperature regulation, and hold up against all but the most extreme weather conditions.

Stronger Pane Design: Where previous, thin windows offered little protection from the heat and cold, newer, heftier windows help deflect or trap most severe temperatures from entering the home. That’s because more focus has been put on making newer windows with double or triple panes per sheet. And inside these added layers lies little nooks and crannies that work to shield harmful UV rays from entering the home, while still allowing sunlight to settle in your home.

Controlling Your Thermostat: As for that temperature regulation, upgraded windows do wonders for trapping inside heat and air conditioning from escaping outside. Since central air systems are becoming all but standard with newer homes, it makes more sense to fortify the windows and help ease the pressure on your thermostat.

Versatile Designs: Replacement windows – aside from acting as a buffer to loud noises outside and being practically resistant from window condensation – is very flexible with the layout of your home. That has more to do with what suits the homeowner’s interests. If it’s wanting a window structure to make the living room more defined from the outside or desires for smaller, more subtle basement windows, there’s an option for that.

Some residents prefer the unique, over-arched appeal of Picture windows. The panes are smaller and have diagonal frames, meaning installation times may be a bit longer than normal. This style is great for lighting up and livening the living room or dining room.

Other desire Bow windows near the fronts or sides of their home. These windows are very popular with sun rooms or other extensions of the home because they are, in essence, extended windows that reach outwardly from the main foundation.

Smaller examples include Casement, Hopper, Slider or Awning windows. These are great for bathrooms, basements and other similar rooms because they are simple in design, but all the more reliable when it comes to energy efficiency.

Concluding Thoughts: And that’s the main thing with today’s replacement windows, they provide countless aid to your home’s overall insulation, which most everyone will associate with their monthly bills. The less your thermostat runs each day, the lower your heating and cooling costs will be. In the end, that’s a summation any homeowner can be proud of.

By Muezza