Replacement Cabinet Doors – Personal Style on a Budget

Installing replacement cabinet doors will be exactly as involved as you choose for it to be. This means that you may order custom doors, ready to be installed, choosing the materials, stains or paints, sizes, and design. They will be shipped to you with holes drilled, ready to be placed on the front of your cabinets. On the other end of the spectrum, you may choose to order unfinished cabinet doors, cut and sanded and ready for your finishing touches. If desired, glass, rice paper, or mirrored insets can be ordered to be added to these doors, to give you a final product unique to you, with your own combination of wood, laminate, or metal; stain or paint; and accent.

Whatever route you choose to take, there are ample choices available through a host of retailers online and in brick and mortar stores. Your kitchen or bathroom may benefit from sliding or bifold cabinet doors if your room is small and space for swing out doors is limited. Many standard cabinet doors can be installed as sliding or bifold doors with the proper hardware and instructions. Systems for sliding doors can be found and ordered at , and sells appropriate hardware for installing bifold doors. Both retailers have professional consultants available to help you measure and ensure you are ordering the correct doors and hardware needed. Because you can use doors from standard cabinet suppliers, your options are not limited to styles offered by a few retailers.

Adding glass or mirrored insets into your cabinet doors will bring a sense of space and light into a room. Websites like offer a wide variety of glass options for cabinets, and you can choose traditional or contemporary looks. If you choose to purchase cabinets separately from the insets, which is actually very common, you can create a look that is unique to you. Glass cabinets can be more expensive, depending on the glass you choose, so you may wish to make your glass cabinet doors accents used on only one or two cabinets, matching the rest of the kitchen. However, the most important style ideas involved in this project are yours, so if you wish to use glass panel doors throughout your kitchen, that is your option. When choosing the appropriate glass for your installation, remember that mirrored glass will give you a unique modern touch and add a sense of depth.

If you are seeking to change the style of the room entirely, shoji cabinet doors will give your room an Asian look, and the shutter style of louvered cabinet doors can also be beautiful and unique. These two options are available at a number of retailers, and again, you have the option of using wood or metal, or painted laminate or MDF. For do-it-yourself consumers, shoji doors can be custom made at home, by purchasing finished or unfinished mullion cabinets and rice paper panels, then assembled to personal specifications at home before installing. The result is a one-of-a-kind set of cabinet doors.

By Muezza