Remodeling “Musts” For Your Home

In today’s real estate market, many homeowners have chosen to stay in their homes and invest in remodeling it rather than selling it right away. However, it is important to choose remodeling projects that will increase the value of your home for a possible future sale. There are a few key areas that you should concentrate on when deciding to remodel your home.

Kitchens – This is still considered the heart of the home and where most buyers look first. Upgrade the countertops to granite. Add an island, if there’s room, to create more workable surface and storage space. Consider upgrading those old appliances to “greener” ones. Not only will this entice buyers, but you can save money on your monthly energy bill while you live in the home.

Master Suite – For multi-story homes, most buyers nowadays want a master suite on the main floor. While this is very popular with older folks, it’s becoming more and more popular in general.

Home Office – As more people are telecommuting, home offices have become more popular.

Outdoor Living Space – With the fabulous weather we have in Lake Havasu City, the outdoor living space can become as important as the indoor living space. Creating a “living room” atmosphere in your own backyard is quite impressive.

Garage – Every home should have at least a two car, fully enclosed garage. However, 3+ garages appeal to homeowners who like to play in the desert or lake, have a larger family, like to work on projects or simply need more room.

Whether you plan on staying for a while or wish to upgrade your home with an eye to selling in the future, keep these remodeling tips in mind to determine where to spend you money on your home.

By Muezza