Looking for a creative, inexpensive way to glam up any special occasion or event? Paper lanterns are the best DIY decorations that can set the feel for all occasions, as the potential designs which can be made out of them are seemingly endless. Paper or card stock, scissors, staplers, tape, and glue are essentially all the tools needed to brighten up any occasion and set the theme. So, no matter the occasion, here are a few DIY lantern ideas to consider:

Holiday Festivities–

Just because the holidays are freshly over doesn’t mean potential holiday decorating inspirations have to be, especially when it comes to DIY projects. Practically everyone thinks about sweets and candy at Christmas time, next year throw the most fun Christmas party ever with DIY candy lanterns. By using hot pink or other brightly colored ribbons, tulle and mesh fabric, and chevron paper, setting the theme with giant pieces of candy has never been a better way to celebrate Christmas fun! Or, take an old New Year tradition and make it new again with classic Chinese paper lanterns–get some red and gold card stock and get to crafting for the next new year!

Other Holiday Parties–

Don’t forget Halloween, Valentine’s Day, St. Patty’s Day, Easter or any other exciting holiday event to use these various and fun paper craft ideas for easy decorating, as well. The choice of colors for the lanterns can truly highlight the theme, making it so there’s no need to even do much additional decorating on them– but, of course, adding pictures inside the lanterns make them look extra spectacular! Use the typical orange, black and purple colors for Halloween, or some cute pastels at Easter, string them together, tape them up to walls or hang them in trees, and voila, a central decoration for whatever kind of holiday party you’re throwing is in the bag.

Bridal Showers and Weddings–

Going for simple, fun, decorative lights for a bridal shower? Or, how about beautiful, romantic lanterns to string through the trees for an outdoor wedding? One of the best, most inexpensive decorating ideas for these special occasions are right at the decorator’s fingertips. Simply string up some classic white lanterns, add some extra colors that compliment the theme, or get even more creative by adding tissue paper pom poms on the tops of the lanterns for a floral-like twist. It’s so easy to have a simple, but beautiful shower and wedding with all the different ways one could utilize lanterns or other paper crafts.

Baby Showers–

Of course, another ideal occasion to make use of these crafty lanterns is at baby showers. Once again, by simply making the lanterns with the colors that set the theme of your shower–in this case, possibly light pink or baby blues– there’s no need to even add anything more to the lanterns. However, baby showers are typically events that commonly use pictures to accent the color theme, so when going with lanterns as a central element, it would make them stand out even more by adding some cut-out pictures or stickers on them of cute animals, flowers, etc.

And, there are plenty more occasions to use paper lanterns where that came from… In addition to the exciting occasions already listed, this versatile decor can be used for patriotic holidays such as the 4th of July, birthday party themes, bar mitzvahs, etc. Essentially, this is the perfect paper craft to compliment any occasion imaginable.

By Muezza