If you care about the environment and want unlimited energy, using the sun as the main source of energy is our future that already is here. Many people have already switched to this type of product because of their cost-effectiveness and little maintenance but more importantly, manufacturers have realized that they need to focus on it more if they want to stay in business.

You probably don’t think too much about lighting but if you consider that you have lights that are turned 24/7 and using your electricity, you can have an overview of the yearly bill just for them. You can split them into two categories including indoor and outdoor where the majority of the market involves outdoor items. Besides efficiency, the design also matters so visit a few websites before making a decision.

Indoor and Outdoor

Nowadays, the outdoor lighting market is very popular because they can be used in various situations like making a path through the garden or safety reasons. You can use them for decoration of your backyard or terrace. The reason why this type has 90% of the products is that they have much more sun to get charged which means they will last longer. But it will be harder to find the best 2020 commercial solar lighting systems because of the number of brands and manufacturers.

The only major difference between these two kinds is that indoor needs to be connected to the outside panel which will gather sunlight. This may be more difficult to install so you would want to have a strong reason to implement it. This is usually done for other appliances like a water heater. You will find two products including shed and desk lamps, other options might not be a good choice considering the installation costs.

What Do You Need?

There are four main types you will find on the market including solar path, decorative and solar spotlights. The first one will be small and are placed on the ground to make a pathway during the night time. You’ll have a great eccentric vibe without too much brightness. In order to increase the visibility, you will just need to increase the number of parts you bought. Besides homeowners, cities use them for roads and highways.

The second-biggest usage would be decorative that come in various sizes, forms and colors. Hiring a designer will be less stressful than choosing them on your own considering the opportunities. They are also not too bright and you can expect less brightness if they are colored. They are less expensive compared to the kinds used for security because of fewer features and lower specifications. Read more here.

If you want a lot of brightness, spotlights are the best choices but won’t work in every situation because you don’t want to blind someone walking through unless it is meant for intruders. They are mostly used in the driveway or landscape features like a fountain or pool. They will use more energy so consider making a combination of few types to make it more efficient.


Buying Guide

Analyze the site you will be placing them at before looking up your options online.  Considering that they have a different use, you will need to know what a strong type is and what is more decorative. Lumens are used to measure how strong they are and 100 Lumens is considered as average for walkways, which is equal to around 20 watts. Go with 50 Lumens if you are looking for a color for your fence, driveway, walkway or backyard. If you are looking for something for gathering, 75 is the best choice.

Prices are usually the determining factor for most people but the minority knows how to find the best cheap manufacturer. Chinese manufacturers always had the lowest prices but the quality was doubtable which can’t be said in 2020. To avoid anything bad from happening make sure they a warranty. If you still don’t know which one is the best, ask a neighbor or anyone you know that works on landscaping.

How to Properly Manage It?

A few things should be taken into consideration when it comes to placing it in the right area. Location and angle are the main parts you want to think about and then if it fits the decoration. Remember that you will do other work around the garden like mowing which may be difficult to manage if lights get in the way. Read more about it here: https://www.doityourself.com/stry/6-tips-for-installing-outdoor-solar-lighting-in-your-yard

There shouldn’t be any bushes near it because it can hide it from the sun and it will be hard to charge it properly so there will be imbalance. If you are placing it on the wall, make sure you get the right angle to cover more space but not more than 45 degrees because you will lose a lot of power unnecessarily. You can also hire someone to manage it for you.

By Muezza