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Kitchen Installation: The Right Lighting

Kitchen Installation: The Right Lighting

Kitchen installation can be an overwhelming task due to the number of things that you ought to think about. You would figure out where the cabinetry must be situated, install the worktops, sinks and faucets, flooring, ventilation and its lighting. This is a huge task that is consists of plumbing, carpentry, and electrical works. Kitchen islands are spaces where you can do a lot of tasks from the preparation of your foods to balancing of your checkbooks. You need to install pendant lighting for the comfort of all the household members.

Pendant lighting is commonly known as drops as it is hanging from the ceiling. It is quite popular as it complements the laid back lifestyle of most families today. This is less complicated compared with chandeliers yet equally stylish. In addition, it serves the same purpose at a much lower price. One of its key features is the dimmer switch that allows you to regulate its brightness to suit your tasks as you would need different lighting for reading, cooking and socializing.

In order to cover the whole kitchen area, it is good to consider the over-island lighting in planning the kitchen installation. This can entail groups of small pendants and a large pendant in the middle overhanging in the island. Normally, the mini-pendants come in group of three or more bulbs. The bottom of all types of pendant lights is open so that you will not have a difficulty in changing the bulbs.

There are three common designs of such kind of lighting. First is the modern-contemporary. This gives the kitchen a modern look because of the light’s straight lines and hard angles. The colors are normally bold. Second is the Mediterranean which normally utilizes lights in pastel colors. Its design is mainly constituted by natural stones and iron. The last design is Tiffany which is composed of stained glass materials that have geometric shapes.

Lighting is very important in kitchen installation. This would have a great effect on the beauty of your kitchen on the whole. The shape of pendant lights must be appropriate for the size of the area. Generally, the distance between the bottom of your pendant light and the countertop of the island must not fall under 35 inches. If some of your household members are quite taller, you need to make necessary adjustments. No matter what design and kind of lighting you will have on your kitchen, it must not negatively affect the tasks you usually perform there.…

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Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Inside every kitchen there must be a kitchen sink. This is something basic at every home. Washing dishes is a daily task carried out after breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some homes, that do not have a regular sink, dedicate some other device to carry out this activity.

If running water is not easily available in some countries, then kitchen sinks may not be as we are used to see them. People makes a process with a couple of containers to simulate running water, washing dishes in one and moving them to the one without water. This process helps them to reduce water consumption while executing a daily task

If you are one of the lucky persons in the world that has running water at home, then you surely have one kitchen sink. It may be you are looking for a stainless steel sink. These sinks are very practical, they last long time, so if you think to change it soon you may grab other cheaper materials that do not last that long.

A lot of styles, depths and sizes are available in the different stores that sale these items. Invest some time checking which one best fits your kitchen style. You better think about the next years having that stainless sink you have selected.

Selection process can be overwhelming if you do not have a clear idea of what you are looking for. Make a list of the characteristics you wish to get accomplished by the sink and then check them against your options. The one that matches the most should be the selected one. Also you can weight your characteristics in order to give more importance to the ones you like the most.

When purchasing a kitchen sink, take a picture of your kitchen to have a better image of the final view you will get. It may be a printed picture or a digital one in case you a camera on hand that you can use to do this process.

You can search images at internet to get a better picture of the future look of the kitchen. If you are a little sophisticated search after an application that allows you to manipulate images and place your choice in your kitchen virtually. This is an extreme good option.

There are different options to manage images. Some of them are free and other not. You can actually manipulate a printed picture as in the school. Place the kitchen sink over the original picture and you will get the idea. Any option you can use will give you a good idea as to how your kitchen may look after you install your new stainless kitchen sink.…

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Green Kitchen: Tips For Going Green In The Kitchen

Today, we need to keep the environment in mind in most everything we do and that includes remodeling and building especially in the kitchen which is the room in the home that gets the most use. If you are either building a house that needs a kitchen design, or you are in the midst of a kitchen remodeling project, trying to be eco-friendly should be part of your plans. Here are a few green kitchen tips you might want to consider:
Cork, Bamboo or Recycled Flooring: When it comes to green kitchen tips, your choosing an eco friendly kitchen flooring can go a long way towards being green. Consider using a cork, bamboo or some other type of natural or recycled flooring product. There are a number of options out there, and most are very durable. The most readily available recycled flooring is a rubber flooring. These are made of 80 – 100% post consumer product including tires. Rubber floors are extremely durable and come in a variety of colors and styles. Cork and bamboo, while not recycled, both offer quickly renewable products that don’t require deforestation of millions of trees to produce these types of floors. Both cork and bamboo are natural products as well.
Reclaimed Wood Flooring: If you prefer an older, more traditional or even antique look, you might want to consider reclaimed wood flooring which will give you a traditional look in your eco friendly kitchen. This is exactly what it sounds like; used wood that has been removed from another house or building, then reconditioned and made ready to install in your home. For the rich warmth of aged wood, this product can provide the look without destroying more trees.
Eco-friendly Lighting: When it comes to going green in the kitchen, you should choose your lighting carefully. When you choose the lighting for your new or remodeled kitchen, you can use products that will keep to the green theme. First, look to the types of bulbs you will use. Fixtures that have CFL bulbs rather than incandescent bulbs use one quarter of the power. LED lights can reduce energy consumption by 80-90%. Lamps and fixtures that use LED lights are usually built exclusively for that type of bulb. CFL bulbs can be used in any fixture that accepts a regular incandescent bulb. In addition to artificial lights, also consider the use of skylights and sufficient amounts of energy efficient windows in your plan. By making natural light readily available in your kitchen, you can significantly reduce the need for artificial light sources, at least during the day. You may also want to consider solar powered options for lighting.
Recycled Counter Tops: One of my favorite green kitchen tips is recycled glass counter tops which are quickly becoming a popular product for use in kitchens. These glass counter tops are very durable, and have a variety of styles that actually mimic the look of granite and marble. They are a mixture of recycled glass with a concrete base, or resins that are non-petroleum based that can be used for safe and beautiful eco-friendly kitchen countertops.
Energy Efficient Appliances: One of the most talked about ways of going green in the kitchen is to by energy efficient appliances. When you are ready to outfit your kitchen with new appliances, be sure to look for appliances that are marked with the energy saver labeling. All large appliances are now energy rated, so you will be able to comparison shop for the most efficient ones out there.
Solar Power: While many people think that solar energy only comes in the form of a whole-house system that includes panels that cover the roof of your home, there are other options that can provide solar power for efficient applications that are much less complicated. Rather than taking on the large scale solar conversion for all your electric needs, you could consider a small solar system that runs your water heater to take care of all your hot water needs which can help add to your eco friendly kitchen design. These systems are compact, and designed to work exclusively on your electric hot water heater system. This type of system costs only a fraction of what a whole-house solar system costs, and can save you hundreds of dollars per year off your electric bill.
Once you have your new eco-friendly kitchen in place, there are a few things you can do every day to be more eco-friendly and live a greener life in your kitchen:
Use Fabric, Not Paper Whenever Possible: This goes for shopping as well as kitchen clean-up. When you do your grocery shopping, opt for fabric, reusable bags to carry home your purchases. This keeps literally tons of plastic and paper out of the landfills each year. Another fabric …

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Retail Flooring – Key Considerations

The retail environment is a difficult one to design for. High volume traffic in and out of a store means that practicality must a strong consideration in any designer’s mind. However, most retail stores thrive by creating a strongly defined brand, rather than strictly selling products. The design of a retail space can actually have quite an impact on the success of the shop, and ultimately, its profits. We look at how to blend the practical and aesthetic considerations for retail flooring.
The Retail Branding Environment
Most retail stores would stay in best shape when designed with beautiful counters, tiled floors, and unscratchable stainless steel fittings. However, without the distinction of image (which is actually what draws consumers to one retail store over another), price would be the only distinguishing factor. We’d soon end up with a monopoly in every retail sector! Store design materials need to be chosen for their potential to create a unique environment – and when it comes to retail flooring, carpet tiles are the medium that offers the greatest number of avenues for customisation.
Customer navigation
Every retail store is set out differently – some with aisles, some with scattered stand-alone displays, some with an empty centre and products around the walls; any combination or permutation of these is possible. Carpet tiles offer the opportunity to help direct customers around the store, without saying a word. Carpet tiles can also be used alongside hard flooring to distinguish particular areas. Strong or contrasting colours in shop carpet can highlight walkways, and draw particular attention to specials racks or new season items.
Maintain a fresh new look for longer
The look of a retail environment reflects strongly on the customer’s perceived value of the products. Using commercial carpet tiles in retail interior design means that the high traffic areas can be replaced as needed, creating a fresh look with only a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire floor.
Occupational Health and Safety Issues
OHS is always a consideration for interior designers, as owners and facility managers have it at the forefront of their minds. Vinyl or wood flooring, and especially tiles, create a vastly increased risk of either customers or staff injuring themselves from slips and falls – and increasing the potential for damage when it does happen. For insurance and liability purposes, carpet tiles are an excellent choice.
Carpet tiles also create vastly improved air quality in retail stores, compared with hard flooring. Carpet tiles help trap dust and allergens until they can be safely vacuumed away; hard flooring means that allergens continually circulate.
Noise absorption and underfoot comfort
When a customer steps into the retail environment, they need to feel that they have the space to comfortably explore the range. One component of that feeling of space is the amount of ambient noise in a store. Carpet has been shown to be ten times more effective than any other flooring type in reducing airborne noise.
The staff in a retail environment will be spending much of their time on their feet, also. The underfoot comfort that shop carpet provides can help preserve both health and a feeling of wellbeing for retail staff.…

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Tiles Are Easy to Mix in a Mosaico Terrace Flooring

This is a real story. My little and cozy roof apartment, the highest apartment of the building, was keeping water on the floor when it rained.

This terrace is like a pocket open-space on which our apartment runs towards the sides of the condo. It looks south and the sun is present since 12 am until dusk. I had never thought of making another floor pavement until one night the rain began to fall and to cover it all.

The people living under our apartment claimed about all the rain that had gone through their ceiling and definitely falling from our floor oust standing over their living room.

So I had this great idea! I went tiles shopping and found some 2ND choice beauty earth colors tiles.

They were so rare and smooth! And, I could break them with a hard tool. Easy as breaking an egg!

So, something came to my mind, the beautiful Mexican floors I had seen so many times and that I loved so much. It was so simple. I will give you some hints that you may develop according to your floor size. First of all, look for tiles in colors you like and a good 2ND choice that fits your budget. Three colors could be OK.


buy enough cement glue, asked the guy at the shop for quantities per square feet

measure well the extreme sides of your terrace and divide it by the length of the tiles you bought

arrange a pathway of tiles (mixing colors if you wish) along the extremes of your floor (it will look like a frame border)

once you have all the floor extreme sides covered with the tiles, then begin to measure the distance between each extreme border to see how much space you have in the center

Until know, you are making just an “essay” of the floor pavement without sticking the new tiles t the old ones.A�

inside the space left between the borders, begin to put the tiles in a circle separating them like 20 centimeters one from the other

mix their colors and just rotate them a little so they follow the circle ring

now you have the size of the Mexican ring done with tiles, swinging on the circle

put some tiles, of all colors,inside thick towel. Take a hammer and give a hard stroke on the towel

open the towel and take the pieces out, dividing them by size and throwing out those that lost some pieces in their borders due to the stroke. Set them aside

Now, you will be able to enjoy doing the Mexican floor.A�

First begin from the circle.

Be sure that the circle is in the right middle of all the space left between the borders of tiles on the extreme of your floor space

Put some glue under the tile and apply it well to the pavement.

Do this with each single tile of the circle until you get a round form.

Calculate well space left between the circle and the extreme tiles to see whether it might be possible to do another “frame” (square) around the circle. It would be a tiles square between the circle and the borders.

Do the square, alternating colors and applying glue under the new tiles. Remember it will take some time for it to dry.

It is time now to make the borders, except the bottom side of the floor, that extreme on which you will be walking back and forth. Make as above along the sides of the pavement. It will be a square or rectangle as for your pavement’s size. Remember the tiles we had broken?A�

Now it gets fun!

You will be filling all spaces left with those little pieces of the same colors of the tiles. And once you have covered all the pavement, now it is the time for throwing the plaster.

One day of sunny temperature of two days of windy or cloudy time will make it! It will be your pride when inviting friends! We will meet for making the table that looks like the floor! It just depends on whether you liked this idea!

Good luck! Have fun!…

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Are Bathroom Grab Bars Essential For Our Aging Family?

Are Bathroom Grab Bars Essential For Our Aging Family?

Bathroom Safety is Crucial for Older Adults

Bathrooms are dangerous places– according to the Home Safety Council, over one quarter of all accidents that take place in the home occur in bathrooms. For senior citizens, that proportion is even higher- in 2008, more than one third of household accidents requiring emergency room visits for persons 65 or older took place in the bathroom. Even popular television commercials remind us of how dangerous bathrooms can be– if you’re ever watched a game show, chances are you’ve seen Life Alert’s commercial featuring an aging woman who has “fallen, and can’t get up.” When aging bodies get injured, they may never heal to the same level of fitness and physical ability that they had before the accident– so preventing an accident in your home is critical if you want to maintain independence for you or your loved ones as they age.

Grab Bars Benefit Everyone!

Although grab bars still have a long way to go before they’re loved and accepted as decorative accent pieces for your bathroom, everyone can enjoy the enhanced safety and convenience that well-installed grab bars afford. There are times when everyone can use a place to grab onto in a bathroom- ceramic and acrylic tub or shower surfaces are hard, and become slippery when wet. An accident as trivial as dropping a bar of soap can pave the way for a potentially harmful fall, no matter how fit you are. Bath grab bars give you place to reach out and hold your weight when your feet slip out from beneath you. Nobody wants to be in a position where they need to rely on a safety grab bar, but it’s always better to be prepared and have your bathroom equipped with adequate safety equipment.

Use at Least 3 Grab Bars for Maximum Safety and Convenience

If you want to make your bathroom the safest it can be, you should use a combination of grab bars, textured floor surfaces, and shower seats/bath lifts to reduce the risk of falling. But there are ways you can maximize the effectiveness of grab bars alone- you just need to position them properly. You should begin by having one grab bar outside the bathtub or shower, where you or your loved one undresses before bathing. This will give him or her a place to steady themselves while taking off clothing, in case spilled water or condensation makes your bathroom floor slippery. Second, you should place a grab bar on one of the side walls of your bathtub or shower stall; this bar should be placed at an angle, and will provide your loved ones with a place to steady themselves as they enter the tub or shower.

Finally, you should have a grab bar running along the back of your bathtub or shower stall; this bar serves primarily as a place to reach out to in case of an accident. There are additional safety measures you can take to make bathing even safer for elderly members of your household- you can, for instance, invest in a walk in bathtub or walk in shower, which would eliminate the barrier between the tub and the rest of the bathroom and reduce the risk posed by stepping over the tub’s or shower’s edge. With the American population growing older, on average, every year, many businesses have begun to cater to the needs of elderly consumers who want to age gracefully in their own homes.…

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Luxurious Cabinet Designs for Your Home: Carved Patterns, Inlays and More

Luxurious Cabinet Designs for Your Home: Carved Patterns, Inlays and More

The kitchen is a room everyone spends time in, so it’s important to keep it looking as contemporary and stylish as the rest of your home. This is especially true when new kitchens are the norm in your area, which happens frequently in booming real estate markets. Kitchen cabinets and counter tops are the first step to creating a luxurious and fashionable kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a new kitchen or just want to modernize your current one, combining current styles with classic techniques like inlays, carved patterns, and handcrafted details can create a vibrant and memorable space. If you want to have one of the nicest kitchens in town, kitchen cabinets made with tasteful handcrafted wood can make all the difference.

That hand-crafted touch makes all the difference:

You want a kitchen that guests will remember. Nothing is more forgettable than the mass produced look that comes from strolling through a hardware store and picking from a small selection of uninspiring kitchen cabinets. If you’ve got a woodworking professional nearby, why not take advantage of that and make your kitchen something guests will be talking about on the drive home? Hand-crafted cabinetry allows you the amazing level of freedom and customization that comes with personalized work, as well as the advice and years of experience of a craftsman who knows how to make a dream kitchen. Wherever you’re located, there is likely a gifted artisan with a history of providing perfectly hand-crafted kitchen cabinets to nearby residents, so don’t hesitate to do a bit of looking around.

Inlays that stand out:

One of the most eye-catching things you can do in a kitchen is a technique that has been used for hundreds of years by old-world craftsmen to create interiors that stand the test of time: inlay. Inlaying involves setting different kinds or colours of wood into a larger wooden piece, allowing for detailed and breathtaking designs with a smooth finish. By combining this classic technique with modern precision tools you can achieve stunning custom designs with a unique look you’ll never find in a store. Patterns, shapes, and images are all possible while maintaining the tasteful and rich finish of solid wood. It gives you a chance to get involved with the design of your own kitchen while ensuring you’ll have some of the most noteworthy Kitchen Cabinets on the block.

Carved Patterns that combine beauty and depth

If you want beauty that you can feel with your fingertips carved patterns add a new dimension to what is possible with beautiful interior design. Living in an exciting, young, and vibrant city adds challenge when you want your home stand out from the rest; kitchen cabinets with custom carved patterns can create a sumptuous texture your friends won’t be able to stop talking about. This is another old-world technique that has been modernized with precision tools and skilled professionals, ensuring a look that can be modern and fashionable, traditional and tasteful, or anywhere in between. The options are nearly limitless for designs and patterns so you can rest easy knowing your kitchen is utterly unique.

Kitchen Cabinets define your kitchen

Look around your kitchen, if it’s like most high quality kitchens you’ll find almost every wall has cabinetry or woodworking of some variety no matter where you look. When you’re remodeling don’t forget the single biggest source of visual impact or settle with “good enough.” The trick to having the best looking kitchen in the city is to make sure that you have the best looking kitchen cabinets around.…