When making large investments it’s clear that the right choices need to made afterward to get its money worth. Expensive systems such as HVAC units are definitely worth the time and money. They bring continuously years of comfort and relaxation into the business or home office.

One way many HVAC owners are finding ways to ensure ways to increase the life of their equipment is by signing up for annual maintenance agreements. This type of agreement is designed to make sure that the business owner’s equipment is working satisfactorily, reputable residential HVAC contractors in DFW area can provide you with a plan that is best suited for your needs.  The owner will receive 2 annual visits per year.

How Maintenance Agreements are Beneficial

These visits will include a complete examination of the equipment. Various parts of the HVAC system will be checked including the air conditioner filters. The technician will have the right size and type filter and will install it appropriately. However, the filter will not be installed before the entire area has been wiped and cleaned. Here are a few more things the technician will take a look at below:

  1. checking the condenser drain
  2. cleaning the AC coils
  3. checking the thermostat

Condenser drains are very important. They allow fluids from the HVAC system to drain out via the drainage tubes. The technician will empty the water pan and then replace it. Afterward, the professional will unplug the tubing area and begin cleaning out the tubes of anything material that could cause clogging.

In many cases, bleach can be used for this procedure. However, the technician may have a different type of solution that can be used. The technician will also have special tools that can quickly and effectively force the fluid through the tubes.

The performance of an HVAC system can be reduced dramatically over a period of time when the unit is working harder than it should. Dirty coils that are laden with dust and debris can cause the efficiency of a unit to be brought down heavily. When air is being brought into the business or home it is then carried through the coils. However, if the coils are covered with dirt, the unit will have to work that much harder.

The technician has special tools to begin cleaning the coils. To soften the caked up debris and dust a solution may be sprayed onto the coils. This solution will work to dissolve the hardened material. The AC system will have to be turned completely off while this process is taking place.

Thermostats are an important feature in the HVAC system. It actually controls the temperature in the home, by signaling to the unit when to turn on the heat or air and when to turn it off. Annual Maintenance agreements include a thermostat check due to their importance.

A homeowner can tell the difference between a thermostat that isn’t working properly and one that is. If the home is cooler than usual and the thermostat setting has not changed there may be a problem. This happens when the unit is being signaled to turn off the heat quicker than when it is supposed to. This is a thermostat issue.

If the homeowner”s thermostat has been having issues the technician will need to check the type of thermostat. If the thermostat is digital the technician may need to update the software if it is needed. If the thermostat is basic, recalibration may be the option. While searching to find out why the thermostat is having problems the technician may want to examine the wires in the thermostat. Making sure that none of the wires have fallen lose is essential.

An annual agreement can be worth it, not only due to the twice a year maintenance but also because of other perks. If an emergency comes up, the technician is already familiar with the home of the customer. Already knowing the condition of the unit, along with the type of equipment can come in handy. Also, residential HVAC contractors in DFW or local to your current location will be synced up with regular weather patterns in your area to benefit and preserve the life of your HVAC unit.


By Muezza