Certain things change with time. Styles and popular trends are as changing like the wind. There are many things that have trended over the years with home additions. From the green and pink toilet to the modern-looking kitchen there are many trends that have changed since the beginning of homes. 2020 is a change of a century and with it is expected many trends in the home addition department. Check out these trends that are expected to trend upward in 2020.

Go Up

There is a recent trend in building upward. Because the United States is slowly overpopulating its city areas, there isn’t a lot of space to build out. So there is a recent trend to build upwards. By adding a second or third story to your home you can add plenty of space without even having to go outwards. This is somewhat difficult however because it requires a certain structure of a home to be able to complete this successfully.

Storage, Storage, Storage

In the past years, we have seen a move away from functionality and towards appearance. Although a home looked really modern and cool, it really wasn’t that functional. One thing that makes a home super functional is when there is lots of storage space. Some homes don’t have a ton of storage. However, in the Houston home additions in 2020, there seems to be a trend towards storage and away from the appearance. So any home addition or remodel done in 2020 should have plenty of storage.

Entry Ways

The trend of adding an entryway is also on the up. The convenience of having a separate ‘shoe’ or ‘mud’ room is coming back. Along with that, having a sitting area in the entryway is also on it’s way back. This makes it super convenient for having visitors. If there is a place for their coats and shoes. Along with that, it saves storage rooms in the rooms to store shoes in their own room. And reduces the amount of dirt around the house. So it looks like entryways are trending upward in 2020.

Additional Pantry

It used to be called a ‘butlers’ pantry, but nowadays we just call it a separate pantry. It is handy to have the extra storage space for the extra food. With the use of big-box stores such as Costco or Sam’s club to save money on the grocery bill, it is convenient because then you have more space to store. Additional pantries even used to have sinks and dressing areas for the butlers. But nowadays they typically just have a powder bathroom.

Go Down

Another way to add space without having to need the space to go outward is to add downwards. Digging a basement or turning a crawlspace into a basement is on the rise in 2020. Although similar to going up, it takes a special type of home to be able to do this successfully. Along with that, building downwards is a little more expensive because you have to brace the home underneath and go to the trouble of digging around an already structured house. However, for some people with no space to go outward, it is a viable option.


In the end, these are the 2020 Houston Home additions trends to watch for in 2020. So whether you are a contractor or in the market to add on to your home, try out these few things. Adding an additional pantry room is never a bad idea. Building up or adding a basement is a big endeavor but can be done by the right person. Always add additional storage whenever possible. Try all of these trends in your next home addition.

By Muezza