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Black Bathroom Fixtures – Add a Sleek Look

If you’re purchasing a new home or remodelling a bathroom, then you may want to consider adding black bathroom fixtures for a sleeker look. Many people are stuck on the old white, chrome and stainless steel products. It is understandable to think that adding black to your bathroom may make it look dark and even odd. However, these fixtures are becoming a lot more popular and companies are keeping up with supply.
It will take a certain person with a certain taste to add black fixtures in the bathroom. People who like clean, new and sexy looks are encouraged to go with these options. Black adds boldness to any room and will stand out. You do not have to get crazy with it, but simply make it more subtle. The best thing you can change to black in a bathroom would be the faucets. These will stand out on a light-colored counter. Towel racks, rods, light fixtures and framed mirrors in black on a light painted wall would be a great style to any bathroom as well. You can also get into smaller items such as door handles and brackets.
The most common fixtures in black that are being installed in bathrooms are sinks, tubs and toilets. These blend in very well when set against the right flooring (such as tile) and with a modern paint job on the walls. The great thing about these fixtures is that they seem to clean up better and shine a lot longer. What used to be taboo and expensive is now in demand and affordable. The costs of these items are no more than that of typical colors and finishes.
Adding black bathroom fixtures will take away from the bland, normal white, although one of the cleanest and most popular looks are black accessories with white walls. The great thing about adding black fixtures is that they go with many colors. It is your bathroom and you will have to see it everyday. If done properly, adding these fixtures to your bathroom will make it look a lot sleeker.…

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Enhance The Look Of Your Bathroom

Most apartments of the block of flats have bathrooms which are not spacious enough. Even in the newly built homes, besides the main bathrooms, there is a second bathroom, provided with the minimum things necessary: a toilet, a small sink, and a narrow shower.
Nowadays, the dominant trend is not only to have a functional space, but also to have a relaxation space, a refugee away from all the stress during the day where you can indulge yourself in complete isolation. This is why bathrooms are looking better and better in order for us to feel as comfortable as possible.
Under these circumstances, laying out a bathroom is usually a challenge because you need to find the right balance between size, function and aesthetic appearance. Due to this reason, the size of the objects that you keep in the bathroom must fit and match the bathroom size. In a narrow bathroom, in order to diminish the feeling of crowded space, you must choose small-sized objects. For example, the ceramic tiles must be small sized (10X10 cm, 30X30 cm, etc.), and the decorations also have to be small.
Cold and light colors create the impression of large space. High color contrasts create the optical illusion of crowded place. Simple furniture put in a smart order ensure space for storage. Moreover, the smaller a room is, the better you see all the details of that room. They are immediately noticed, and if they are not carefully made, then the room looks messy and even dirty. Because the bathroom is so tiny you need to be very “picky” when you choose the sanitary objects.
Even if simple solutions are more expensive than the ones of compromise, buying simple bathroom things is an investment worth made. For example, buying a shower cabin that you find on the market might not fit into your small bathroom and you might have to spend more money on a customized one.
If you try to avoid useless objects, and those that are really necessary are of appropriate sizes and style, then your once small bathroom will look very good and will be extremely practical. The bathroom is one of the most important places of a home, almost as important as the kitchen.…

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Tips For Purchasing A New Tub

More and more people are remodeling their homes rather than buying new ones. That makes sense as you can get the home you want without investing in a shaky market. Of all the home improvement projects, remodeling the bathroom ranks near the very top of the list. For those who want to undertake a bathroom redesign effort, it is important to get a great tub or shower. Bath tubs come in many shapes and colors so that no matter what your taste or need, there is sure to be an outstanding choice available to you. So, let’s take a quick look at a few tips that will allow homeowners to get the perfect tub for their particular needs.
Out of all the criteria to consider such as size, design, material, and color, the size is the most important. If you don’t get one that fits comfortably in your bathroom and the space allocated for the tub, you will never be happy with your choice. Be sure to take very accurate measurements to ensure a good fit. A tub that consumes too much space and makes everything else seem cramped is going to make you regret your choice for many years.
The material used to manufacture the tub is next. Here the most common choices are fiberglass, acrylic, and porcelain. There are also tubs manufactured out of wood and also cast iron, but these are not really used often these days. Out of the possible choices, fiberglass is by far the most often selected since it is relatively inexpensive compared to the others and is easy to maintain. The other materials, in addition to the extra expense to purchase, require higher maintenance. But don’t just dismiss them, take time to look at the options and weigh the cost versus the benefits and get a tub that will last a lifetime at a price that is right for your budget.
While materials and size are important, most people will focus on the design and color when making their decision. The tub is the centerpiece of the bathroom so that is understandable. You want something that is practical but looks good. The good news is that you can get a tub in just about any color imaginable allowing you to match your other fixtures very nicely. Additionally, there are many shapes and designs to choose from, you can get tubs with jets and many other fancy features. Most tubs are the traditional rectangular shape but other shapes such as round, oval, square, or even heart shapes are available. When choosing unique shapes, it is critical to make sure that your measurements are properly taken.
After living in a home for a while, a bathroom remodel is one of the first alterations a homeowner will make with the choice of a tub being the most important decision in the project. There are many really stylish and practical options. Be sure to do your research on the different materials and features that fit your budget and you will make a great choice.…

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Reasons Why You Must Get Cellular Blinds

For more than thirty years, cellular blinds were used in most houses around the world. At the present, these kinds of blinds are gaining back their once booming popularity. Its rebirth is due to one simple reason – they are very beneficial to the house owner.
Before going to the advantages of these blinds, let us first discuss what these really are. Cellular blinds are also sometimes referred to as honeycomb shades. These kinds of blinds are made of cloth often glued or sewn to form a cell with diamond shape. These blinds are better than other blinds because of the reasons below.
These blinds are great in insulation. Their design allows trapping of air in its “honeycomb” cells. The air that is trapped helps in insulating the home and decreasing the heat the windows emit. With this capability, your house will have supply of heat during winter and will stay cool during summer. Because of this, you will be able to use less energy and save money from the cooling and heating expenses.
Another reason why cellular blinds are better is its variety of colors. Every house in the world is different and each room of the house is one of a kind. This type of blinds have different tints and hues that would fit in homes with bold colors, those with light colors and even homes with neutral colors. Because you have wide range of colors that you can choose from, you do not have to redecorate your house just to match with the blinds.
Installation of other kinds of blinds is difficult. However, cellular blinds are easy to install. They are created with the “do-it-yourself” installing concept. There are also a lot of videos online that can give step-by-step instructions on how these blinds can be installed. In installing cellular blinds, you will only need screwdriver, measuring tape, marking pencil and a drill.
Whatever your reason in searching for blinds is, whether it is due to having a new house, home improvement or redecorating, cellular blinds are the wisest and the attractive choice. By buying these, you can save money and time while making your house more charming and appealing.…

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Bamtex Bamboo Flooring – Durable and Beautiful

Established in 1977, Bamtex Bamboo Flooring is a US-based company that pioneered the introduction of a range of bamboo flooring products. Bamboo may have been a traditional flooring choice in Asia for centuries, but in the urban world it has gained popularity as a green flooring choice among the environmentally conscious. If you are keen on hardwood flooring, you will find that bamboo makes an excellent alternate. Bamboo has been grown in China for many hundreds of years. It is considered stronger than steel and is versatile in its application.
Compared to traditional wood flooring, bamboo is more durable and resistant to scratch. In fact, Bamtex Bamboo flooring looks similar to an oak or pine floor because of its stylish looks and the warm natural shades of color.
At Bamtex, a particular species of bamboo called Mao is used from the bamboo forest cultivated by them, located close to the Pacific Ocean. Bamboo is a grass and grows quite fast, so it is harvested every five years, unlike wood that takes several years to mature. Bamtex’s bamboo flooring is especially known for its unique grain and finish.
Colors available
Bamtex bamboo flooring is available in natural and carbonized colors which can be stained to produce different shades. The Mao bamboo species used by Bamtex is particularly chosen for its strength, grain, good color, density and structure. It is also highly durable for flooring purposes.
Installing And Caring For Bamtex Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo floors for kitchen can be installed in three ways – by gluing it in, nailing it down or floating. The right option depends on the existing structure. Bamboo floors look great in any part of the home as it matches a variety of decors. Looking after your Bamtex bamboo flooring is easy since it comes with a layer of finish to guard it. It can be cleaned with a soft broom or vacuumed to keep the grit and dirt away.
Any spills must be mopped up right away so that it does not seep in and cause a stain. It is also necessary to avoid stagnant water on a bamboo floor. The manufacturer recommends the use of rugs under furniture on bamboo floors to avoid scratching the surface. There are bamboo floor cleaners available in the market that can be used for cleaning.
Your Bamtex bamboo kitchen flooring can look elegant and beautiful or several years. It is also more cost effective than traditional hardwood flooring and actually denser than maple wood. This is because the bamboo is cut into long strips, made into rectangular shapes and then steamed under pressure after which they are dried in a kiln.
The strips of bamboo you get are then glued in different layers both vertically and horizontally. After this, it is placed in a press to produce the bamboo flooring that can be installed. Aesthetically pleasing yet strong, Bamtex bamboo flooring gives you home a distinctive look.…

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Ceiling Fans: The Past, Present, and Future

Would it surprise you to learn that ceiling fans have been in existence for almost 150 years? At first, they were widely used in industrial settings although their popularity did take quite some time to catch on. Luxury homes also utilize these ceiling fans and they enjoyed the benefits of using them, long before they were common in almost every other home. During the next century or more, these items continued to evolve and to change in both their efficiency and design. What you have now, are many different choices that are available to help cool your home in the summertime and evenly warm the home in the winter.
You have a few different options that are available to you when you are choosing ceiling fans. Although you’re going to have many different choices as far as the overall design is concerned, the primary options that you have available to you are the number of blades and whether or not you’re going to have a light kit included. Some of the ceiling fans today have the option of having a light kit or not, depending upon your needs. As far as the blades that are necessary, it often comes down to a personal preference with five legs or more being considered somewhat of a luxury item.
Installing the fan is a relatively easy thing to do, providing the hardware are already existing. Today, most of the ceiling fans that are available are relatively light weight and can be installed into a standard ceiling box. Some care needs to be taken, however, if you are going to be installing the fan into a new ceiling box or if the box that is existing is not mounted properly. Having a little bit of wobble in the box where the fan is installed will result in the fan itself wobbling uncontrollably and perhaps even falling, causing the potential for serious injury.
If you are going to be purchasing a kid’s ceiling fan for installation in their bedroom, this is going to be especially important. Of course, you would want to make sure that any fan that was installed in the home was as safe as possible but you absolutely want to make sure that the fan in that room was rock solid. Fortunately, most ceiling fans that are available for children’s rooms tend to be a bit more light weight, but some of them can be quite heavy, particularly if they are themed in some way or another.
One other option that you may want to consider is getting a fan that has remote control functions. This is really going to be a convenient choice, particularly if you also have a light kit attached. If the fan that you already have does not have a remote control to it, there are kits that are available which can be installed in your existing ceiling fan to provide this functionality for you. Just make sure that you get one which matches up with your existing hardware and it is a relatively easy thing to install.…

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Tips to Ensure Your Remodeling Project Goes Smoothly

There are many different projects that can be done around the home. Some of them can be done in a weekend, such as repainting a room but others are going to take additional time. If you are planning any large-scale remodeling project, there are numerous things that need to be kept in mind so that it will go as smoothly as possible. Since part of the home is likely to be unavailable for an extended amount of time when you are doing one of these projects, you also need to plan accordingly. Here are some tips that can help you to make the most of your remodeling project and to ensure that it impacts your life the least amount possible.
First of all, you need to make sure that everything is set in advance for the entire project. The planning phase is perhaps one of the most important parts, as it will make a difference in how well things work for you and your family. Some of the things that you will want to keep in mind include the acquisition of all of the materials that are going to be used while you are doing the project. This can be anything from the decorative tile that you are using on the walls all the way down to the cabinetry or plumbing fixtures that are going to be necessary. Make sure that you don’t leave anything out off of the list as it will end up causing delays if you do so.
Have you considered the types of materials that are going to be needed? This can have an impact, not only on the project that you are doing but also on the environment. There is quite a movement that is taking many individuals towards doing things that are considered green. You would want to be environmentally friendly if at all possible in your construction project, from the demolition and removal of items all the way down to the building products that are used. Eco-friendly tile, for example, is preferred by many individuals because it is made from items that have a low impact on the environment. There are likely other forms of building materials that you can use which have a similar low environmental impact.
Are you going to be doing the work yourself or are you going to be hiring a contractor? Depending upon your abilities and the scope of the project, it may be necessary for you to hire a general contractor who will subcontract out most of the projects within the home. This can help to move the project along but you should also use some caution when making your choices. Take the time that is necessary to familiarize yourself with the contractor and their abilities. They should be able to work along with you and welcome your feedback, so that everything is going to work out to your advantage. If you take the time to choose your contractor carefully, you will find that the project goes smoothly and you are able to get back into your home as quickly as possible.…