Bathroom Shower Enclosures – Options For Your Bathroom

Bathtubs with overhead showers and curtains around are pass?�! ItA�s time for innovative and stylish bathroom designs; one step towards which is the modern bathroom shower enclosures. It is not uncommon to find homeowners opting for a classy and elegant look, especially in large 4-5 bedroom homes these enclosures can be seen in 2-3 bathrooms. The purpose of bathroom shower enclosures is to ensure that the water does not spill onto the bathroom floor. They are soon becoming a very preferred choice, not just because they look stunning but also because they are easier to clean and maintain.

In case you are renovating and already have old fittings of shower and a bathtub, you can add a little fresh look to it by remodeling it. You can either completely replace the bathtub or get a custom made bathroom shower enclosure to suit your tastes and preferences. If your bathroom is not spacious enough for a new enclosure or if you are running low on cash for a new model, worry not. You can simply opt for custom made shower doors, usually made of plastic, which are fitted on the lip of your bathtub with the help of slide track.

It is also easily possible to find a sliding shower set along with shower head at any hardware store. This set can be connected with the existing cold water and hot water outlets over the bathtub. With this very low incurred cost, you could claim to possess your own bathroom shower enclosure. Another good idea is to have custom made glass panels, cut according to size and fitted against bathroom walls to create a walk in design. This would especially accentuate beautifully tiled bathroom walls with modern fittings like shower nozzles, multiple steam jets, etc.

Bathroom shower enclosures are available in a huge range of variety, style and finishes that the customer can choose from. From framed or unframed models having fiber glass at bottom to less expensive acrylic and fiber glass enclosure models, there are options to suit all tastes. The fiber glass/acrylic enclosures are usually a lot cheaper than the luxurious glass ones but between the tiles, there is no grout to scrub. Also the fiberglass ensures insurance from traditional problems like moulds and mildew. You can also have an enclosure custom made through a retailer dealing in bathroom shower enclosures.

Since these enclosures come in a variety of designs and accessories, it is suggested that you check up with a number of retailers as well as online before choosing. You must keep in mind the space available, design and accessories required while purchasing. Another important factor, before installing a glass bathroom shower enclosure, is to make sure that the floor is thoroughly checked for any weakness. Since the glass enclosures are often very heavy, the floor might not be able to stand the additional weight and might cave in. Therefore, it is important for contractors to ensure that the bathroom flooring and tiling are suited for fitting a glass enclosure.

By Muezza