You Do Bake in the Kitchen?

What in the world drove some idiot to love a kitchen? How is it possible to love something that just makes you have to work more? I have a difficult time understanding this dilemma! Maybe, I can come to a conclusion.

Being an older woman (and a grandmother, to boot), I find fascinating treasures in my kitchen. I bake, boil, fry, steam, etc., in this inviting room. The wonderful aromas which prevail keeps my family (and friends) coming back for more. Vanilla, cinnamon, lemon, all those scents which make your nose dance. How can anyone resist?

Roasts, turkeys, pickles, casseroles and stuffing. Oh my god, how terrific the smells which make people drool! I enjoy that I can persuade my loved ones to do most anything with the magic I perform in my little kitchen. My grandchild squeal with delight every time their tongues taste a new cookie!

From the nifty gadgets people have gifted me, over the years, I create masterpieces. Cakes, pies, breads, soups, stews, salsas! Blenders, toasters, shredders, shavers (for ice and chocolate) and juice makers. My kitchen is equipped with everything I need to put smiles upon faces. I do, once in a while, put a special smile on my face!

But, there are days I simply want to enjoy my kitchen all by myself. I make a large cup of hot cocoa and put miniature marshmallows in it. I sit by the window and see nature pass by. Even though I do have a minor kitchen, I have so much space outside I never feel smothered. I do appreciate this so much. I feel safe within the confines of these walls.

I just love the way cocoa makes me feel! So warm and cuddly inside! The sweetness of the marshmallows makes my tummy somersault. I made this cocoa in this kitchen! In this cute room which makes me laugh, smile and even sometimes cry. What would I do if I did not have this in my life?

It is not always appropriate (I am told) to get emotional about the home you are in. Especially, the rooms in the home! Well, I must beg to differ. I truly want to spend the rest of my days here and hope that I will be allowed to do that. The world spins to fast for me and the slow pace of my kitchen, keeps me sane.

My tiny kitchen has all the amenities I could possibly want. I do not want one more thing inside it’s walls. It gives me peace. It gives me strength. I could not love it more.

By Muezza