Wusthof Classic Kitchen Knife Block Set

Wusthof of Solingen in Germany have been manufacturing fine cutlery since 1814. They are one of the very few manufacturers remaining in this field that continue do all of the many steps that are required in the forging process from start to finish.

Every part of the process is carried out to very precise standards by Wusthofs highly skilled craftsmen. The manufacturing process for each and every one of the knives in the Wusthof Classic range involves 38 individual manufacturing steps.

The Wusthof Classic is the best selling line in their extensive range of high quality knives & it is very easy to see why. This range has not been updated for for decades. I’m sure that they are living the motto of “if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it”.

They are a great knife and have that “classic” blade design shape, with a traditional handle feel & fit. Every knife in the “Classic” range is precision forged from a single blank of high carbon, rust and stain resistant steel.

These Stainless Steel blades are hardened to a high degree, allowing them to maintain a sharp edge for longer. The handle is a very traditional 3 rivet style, of a high impact composition that will not breakdown or wear out.

The full tang design of this handle gives a wonderful perfect balance.

Included in the Wusthof Classic 8 Piece Block set is:

– 3.4″ Paring Knife

– 4.5″ Utility Knife

– 6″ Sandwich Knife

– 8″ Chef’s Knife

– 8″ Bread Knife

– Kitchen Shears

– 9″ Sharpening Steel

– Hardwood Knife Block.

This is a great set of kitchen knives that cover almost every scenario for most most kitchens.

The fine attenion to detail and meticulous hand finish of each and every Wusthof Classic knife has earned the company an almost legendary status within the cooking industry.

Now you have the information to make an informed choice and get the knives you know you need.

By Muezza