For property owners, it’s important to always think about what could happen and make the proper preparations for it. However, some issues can become such a rarity that a lot of property owners won’t think about it until it happens. One such case is the case of water damage.

Many property owners, especially ones that live in places where water damage is a common occurrence, don’t think about how this could greatly set them back. Just because it doesn’t happen often, doesn’t mean it’s a small threat. Water damage can be devastating. People may think that dealing with the issue is simply getting rid of the water inside a certain water-logged property but that is far from the actual case. Water damage can be lethal to property owners financially and it’s important that whichever company you go to help with water damage restoration, they’re honest and have integrity about the gravity of the situation.

However, the world we live in, it’s always possible to run across a service that doesn’t tell the whole story. Which is why it’s important to know these important facts when it comes to water damage and damage restoration.

  1. Water damage is categorized into three levels.

Category 1 is considered the most harmless as this water damage is caused by clean water therefore can’t harm anyone with anything inside of it.

Category 2 takes it up a notch with the water being filled with bacteria that can cause illness to those that come into contact with it.

Category 3 is the highest with the water causing the damage coming from things like sewage backups, overflowing toilets, and storm water which can also lead to illnesses but also result in cases of death.

  1. Water Damage Is A Problem That Needs Fixing ASAP

Sometimes a wait is a good thing but when it comes to water damage, getting the problem fixed quickly is essential. Not only does letting the water damage sit allow for the growth of mold but it can also lead to the structural damage to a property. This rounds to the fact that water is considered the universal solvent and true to such a title, letting water simmer in properties can be a property owner’s true financial undoing. No matter the surface or whatever, water will slowly break down what holds it together leading to the aforementioned structural damage. Additionally, another reason connected to getting the restoration underway quickly is that it would help early on to find out if the damage sustained is covered by insurance.

  1. The Use of Chemical Agents

When it comes to water damage restoration, another reason it’s important to start getting the restoration done quickly is so property owners can survey exactly what will be needed in terms of chemical agents. The EPA also known as the United States Environmental Protection Agency had categorized three levels of biocidal activity.

Sanitizers: The use of sanitizers will result in reducing microorganisms in their numbers.

Disinfectants: These chemical agents are designed to both destroy and reduce the growth of microorganisms but they don’t really have strong effects against their spores.

Sterilizers: These chemical agents are designed to destroy microorganisms from fungi to viruses and do well in also combating the spores.

So when it comes to combating water damage, these are the types of questions and information that should pop up when dealing with credible water damage restoration companies.

By Muezza