What to Consider in a Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen is not only for people who are planning to move from their homes, it is also for those who are planning to stay. Rather than upgrading flooring, appliances, cabinets and fixtures for someone else, homeowners may wish to enjoy them before selling the home. A variety of changes can be made at reasonable expense to increase energy efficiency and reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare meals and clean up afterwards.


Different types and sizes of sinks are available, depending on the cook’s preferences. A dual sink makes it possible to wash items on one side while leaving the opposite side free for other uses. For example, washing lettuce and other vegetables can be accomplished on the left-hand side of the sink while fresh clams are soaking in water on the right. Various sink materials can be used, such as stainless steel, natural stone or ceramics. They can come in any shape, mount or size. Sink features might include a hose attachment and built-in sink disposer. Faucets may have an additional water filter or different spray settings.

Countertops and Cabinets

Countertops and sinks can be coordinated to blend in together for an elegant and efficient look. Surfaces are easy to clean and maintain with improved durability. Popular surface materials include marble, quartz, granite, Formica and laminate wood. Consider mounting small appliances on the wall rather than resting on valuable counter space. Cabinets can be refaced or replaced with more efficient shelving and more durable material that will blend in with the rest of the new kitchen d?�cor.


The days of waiting 10 minutes for the stovetop to heat up are over. Cooktops with instantaneous heat are now the norm. Regulating how much of the burner to use is now done by touch panels. Convection, conventional and microwave ovens are all options in the modern kitchen. Choosing the number of ovens and which types to use should be a fun chore for the cook in the household. A new refrigerator and/or freezer is much more energy efficient that the older models. Dishwashers are as well.


Flooring is used to set a tone for the kitchen atmosphere. Materials might include cork flooring, laminate and hardwood floors, and ceramic tile. Depending on the amount of traffic a kitchen experiences, the surface should be durable enough to encounter kids, pets, high-heel shoes and lots of family activities without compromising the overall look of the room.

By Muezza