In addition to just being functional, bathrooms are generally rooms in your home that are in high demand, expected to be clean and sanitary and should be pleasing to the eye.A� You may be starting to notice how sick and tired you are of your bathroom, but feel like you don’t have the time or resources to do any major upgrades.A� Well, you’re in luck, because short of re-tiling your shower or tearing out and replacing your toilet, there are lots of small, inexpensive steps you can take to turn your bathroom into a peaceful getaway.
First, start by removing anything that has been just sitting around collecting dust, such as old decorations, dirty picture hangings or old cosmetic products that aren’t being put to use.A� As a matter of fact, get rid of everything that was being used as decor and start fresh. Organize your necessities into containers that can be easily stored under the sink or in cabinets.
Next it’s time to clean well!A� Scrub the room from top to bottom so it is a sparkling clean.A� If you are having issues with mold or stained molding and sealant around fixtures, consider spending a little extra money to re-mold or re-caulk these sections to achieve a brand-new look.
Choose a color theme for painting that you will appreciate each time you enter the room.A� Some people want bright and fun – something cheery to wake them up in the morning. Other people may decide to choose more soothing colors that help them relax or wind down in the evenings during a hot bath.A� Take your time with your decision and have fun!
After deciding your goals for the effects of the room, replace your old worn out bath mats and towels with new ones that complement your new wall color.A� If you have a shower curtain rack, I recommend replacing the rings, the inner curtain and the outer curtain, preferably with a one toned, thicker-styled hanging that will automatically make your bathroom look more luxurious and expensive in relation to a corny plastic fish pattern.A� If you have room, a horizontally arched shower curtain can add a lot more space in your shower area.
Lighting is where I would spend the majority of my budget.A� There are an insane number of unique lighting fixtures that can really become the main centerpiece of your new bathroom.A� Today, people want bright bathrooms and new lighting can really make a difference.A� What a better way to show off your new room than to light it up!
Finally, bring in a few pieces that will tie the room together. Candles are cheaply replaced and can really add to the ambience and sumptuousness of the room, as well as offer pleasing scents.A� Here’s where you can be creative, but don’t go overboard with your additional pieces.A� Remember, less is more and a simple, clean, uncluttered bathroom is the goal.A� This small effort is a great way to turn your old dingy bathroom into a new sanctuary that you will love to enjoy!

By Muezza