Between open spaces of the Illinois prairie and the city of Chicago, both famous for being windy, lies Elmhurst. Needless to say, this suburban city sees its share of these winds and their effects, especially on roofs. Facilities and property managers know that preventive maintenance is crucial to stopping problems while they are still small. For those who live in the Chicago area, this means regular roof inspection and proactive maintenance and repair.

Chicago-Area Weather Conditions

Chicago-area property owners face a variety of weather conditions that can cause building damage, according to the National Weather Service, from tornadoes to driving rain and bitter cold. These hazards make a roof damage insurance claim for wind Elmhurst IL a not-uncommon occurrence. Even small amounts of damage need immediate attention, as loose shingles and tiles can expose your building to the effects of rain and snow.

How to Track Down a Leak

Finding a roof leak can sometimes be difficult, even more so in an apartment or commercial building with several tenants. You may be able to clearly see where water is leaking through the ceiling, but the point where it comes through the roof itself may be somewhere else entirely, as water can travel several feet from its point of origin. Check these areas:

  • Is water still dripping from the ceiling or another entry point?
  • Look for wet spots or puddles on the floor
  • Examine equipment and other materials for water collection points

Once you know where on the ceiling the water is leaking, you may need to remove ceiling tiles or panels to find the source of water coming through the roof. A strong flashlight can help you spot it. Be sure to look closely at drains, exhaust pipes, chimneys and other fixtures where water may be coming through.

Prevention is typically less expensive than making repairs. Whether you own or manage a single home or a multi-home property, regular roof inspection is the best way to prevent the need for roof repairs and keep expenses to a minimum.

By Muezza