Things to Do to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

In case you have a very small kitchen, this area of your house can look dark and gloomy. It can also lead to a cluttered and chaotic look. This negative environment can keep you out of the kitchen and prevent you from making delicious, healthy and wholesome meals that everyone in your family can enjoy. On the other hand, a wide and spacious looking kitchen looks airy and welcoming and inspires you to get creative with your cooking.

If you are not fortunate enough to have a large kitchen area, there are still a lot of simple things that can easily be done in order to make it look bigger and visually appealing. Some of them are listed below:

1) You can build in large glass windows almost like bay windows. They help to let the sunlight stream in making a small space look bright and cheerful. The glass window panes provide a great view that can make your kitchen space look a lot bigger than it actually is. This also provides natural lighting.

2) One of the main rules of interior design is that light and pale colors make a space look bigger while darker colors can make it look narrow and smaller. So, you can completely change the look of your kitchen by painting the walls in light, pale and soothing colors. In order to do so, you do not need to invest much as the overhauling of the whole kitchen design is not required.

3) You must be very careful in choosing the kitchen appliances in case of a small kitchen. Appliances that are big in size should be avoided as they can take up a lot of space in a small kitchen leaving little area for you to walk around in.

4) The colors of the appliances should also be light colored as light colored objects also help to give the illusion of space. You will find your kitchen giving off a soothing and calming look.

5) Gadgets that have a lot of features built in and can perform a lot of functions simultaneously should be preferred so that you do not have to buy too many gadgets to perform different functions. This will help to keep a lot of space in a small kitchen unoccupied.

6) A big, heavy and traditional looking dining table should not be purchased. In case you already have such a dining table, it is wiser to sell it and buy furniture made up of lighter materials like cane, plastic, etc. This is easy to move and also takes up less space. A table made out of glass makes the space look a lot bigger than it really is. Chairs smaller in size should be chosen.

7) Hidden storage areas should be built in the kitchens that help to store objects that are otherwise lying around on the slabs to prevent making a small kitchen look chaotic.

By Muezza