The One Project That Can Sell Your Home the Fastest

The one project that can sell your home the fastest is Kitchen remodeling. I have found time and time again after 28 years of being in the kitchen refacing business, that the kitchen is the one room in a house that leaves the biggest impression on potential home buyers. The fact is an astonishing 90% of my kitchen refacing customers have resale factored into their decision making process. Up to 50% of my customers are actively trying to sell their homes and looking towards remodeling their kitchens as being the key factor that makes the sale.

Kitchens conjure up memories of families enjoying meals together, entertaining good friends, and the wonderful aroma of mom’s cooking luring you into the kitchen for a taste. It is no wonder that the kitchen is so important to a potential buyer. Think about it, if there are two homes for sale in your neighborhood both within the same price range, but only one of them has a fabulous kitchen, who has the upper hand? If a buyer does make an offer on a home with a kitchen that needs work they will undoubtedly factor that in and make an offer far below the asking price.

If you’re contemplating remodeling your kitchen here are three of the most popular choices: refinishing, installing a new kitchen and refacing. I would like to submit to you that out of these three projects, refacing makes the most sense when it comes to expediting the sale of your home and here is why.

•With refinishing you would remove, sand and stain your old doors. refacing consists of replacing those old doors with brand new cabinet doors and handles in your choice of popular styles, along with covering any existing cabinet with matching material. All for the same price of professionally refinishing your cabinets.

•Installing a brand new kitchen would make the least sense for anyone trying to sell their home in this buyers market. Why invest $15,000 and up into your kitchen when you can have the look of a brand new kitchen for half the price with refacing. You want to have an edge over your competition when selling your home in this buyers market, but it doesn’t make sense to go broke in the process.

•Refacing is the most economical, (half the price of a new kitchen), It’s quick, (usually taking 2-4 days for the entire process), and It’s environmentally friendly. The end result is a kitchen that looks brand new.

In the real estate business the kitchen has proven to be the most important room for expediting the sale of a home. Make sure your kitchen is looking its absolute best before placing your home on the market. Making the decision to remodel your outdated kitchen will give you the edge you need over your competition without going broke in the process.

By Muezza