The Ninja Master Prep and Why You Need One

I recently saw an infomercial for a kitchen appliance called the Ninja Master Prep. Normally I will immediately change the channel when one of these things comes on. This time I didn’t. I have a soft spot fro snow cones. Not that I eat them any more. It’s just that they evoke images of little league and a very happy part of my childhood. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy one. I just never see them for sale. But getting back to my story, I saw this infomercial and it caught my eye when they were discussing the machines abilities to make snow.

I continued to watch as I was told about all the wonderful things I could make with it. Things like salsa, and ice cream. And all in a matter of just a few seconds. This sounded great. I love to cook and a machine that can make my cooking better and faster is something that interested me.

I am always suspicious of ordering directly from the phone numbers that are given on infomercials. I have noticed that while the price is not bad, the charges for handling and mailing are often unconscionable. I think that’s where they really make the money from those things. So not wanting to pay quite so much I went to and ordered one there.

A few days later my new Ninja Master Prep arrived. I was excited as I opened the box and found everything that was supposed to be there.

The very first thing I did was wash all the parts. Then I went to work. I made some salsa. I made ice cream. I pureed a can of beans and used that to thicken a pot of bean soup. I found that the quad blades really do a wonderful job. Unlike a blender I bought for pureeing, this machine seems to suck the material down to the blades, instead of just hollowing out a space and then spinning as it accomplishes nothing more. I made some imitation mashed potatoes out of cooked cauliflower. Actually this was what I had bought the aforementioned blender for, but it just couldn’t do the job. The Ninja, however did the job in just seconds.

I can’t say enough about how great I think this machine is. And now there is an improved model with 3 sets of blades instead of the usual 2. Usual for this machine that is. To my knowledge, this is the only machine that has a blade configuration like this. I use it almost every day. I love my Ninja Master Prep. You need to get one of these machines.

By Muezza