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Ceiling Fans: The Past, Present, and Future

Would it surprise you to learn that ceiling fans have been in existence for almost 150 years? At first, they were widely used in industrial settings although their popularity did take quite some time to catch on. Luxury homes also utilize these ceiling fans and they enjoyed the benefits of using them, long before they were common in almost every other home. During the next century or more, these items continued to evolve and to change in both their efficiency and design. What you have now, are many different choices that are available to help cool your home in the summertime and evenly warm the home in the winter.
You have a few different options that are available to you when you are choosing ceiling fans. Although you’re going to have many different choices as far as the overall design is concerned, the primary options that you have available to you are the number of blades and whether or not you’re going to have a light kit included. Some of the ceiling fans today have the option of having a light kit or not, depending upon your needs. As far as the blades that are necessary, it often comes down to a personal preference with five legs or more being considered somewhat of a luxury item.
Installing the fan is a relatively easy thing to do, providing the hardware are already existing. Today, most of the ceiling fans that are available are relatively light weight and can be installed into a standard ceiling box. Some care needs to be taken, however, if you are going to be installing the fan into a new ceiling box or if the box that is existing is not mounted properly. Having a little bit of wobble in the box where the fan is installed will result in the fan itself wobbling uncontrollably and perhaps even falling, causing the potential for serious injury.
If you are going to be purchasing a kid’s ceiling fan for installation in their bedroom, this is going to be especially important. Of course, you would want to make sure that any fan that was installed in the home was as safe as possible but you absolutely want to make sure that the fan in that room was rock solid. Fortunately, most ceiling fans that are available for children’s rooms tend to be a bit more light weight, but some of them can be quite heavy, particularly if they are themed in some way or another.
One other option that you may want to consider is getting a fan that has remote control functions. This is really going to be a convenient choice, particularly if you also have a light kit attached. If the fan that you already have does not have a remote control to it, there are kits that are available which can be installed in your existing ceiling fan to provide this functionality for you. Just make sure that you get one which matches up with your existing hardware and it is a relatively easy thing to install.…

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Is a Green Bathroom Remodel in Your Future? It’s Easier Than You Think!

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel in the near future, why not explore the new products and materials designed and produced to save money and save the environment? No longer in the expensive category of only a few years ago, these new products and materials compete very well with everything else out there. And when you compare the cost advantages over time, the allowances offered by manufacturers and the government, its crazy not to at least consider a green bathroom remodel.
Toilets, for instance, have come a long way, baby! Today you can’t even buy one that uses 3-plus gallons of water to flush. And, if you recall the buzz about the inefficiency of the newer “low flow” models of a couple of years ago, you’re operating on a false premise. A green bathroom remodel wouldn’t be complete without looking into a new toilet! New designs, larger discharge and smarter manufacturing provides toilets with operations that match their older counterparts flush by flush. In fact, you probably won’t even notice you’re doing your part for the planet when you flip the lever!
Your bathroom vanity countertop can also now be made to be both beautiful and Earth loving with the use of recycled materials. These include recycled glass, scrap aluminum, concrete and (if you can believe it) old recycled paper. Some very attractive countertops today are made by combining paper, fly ash-a by-product of coal combustion-and an eco-binder, such as epoxy. You may have even had a morning cup of coffee at a favorite bistro on a paper countertop and not know it! Some are made entirely of recycled glass, with a new unique look and are comparable in cost, strength, heat resistance and durability to granite.
The bathroom floor is getting some attention, too. Linoleum, invented in 1863 (think Civil War) now has some real competition. New types are so healthy for us and our environment that they cover the floors of many large Health Care facilities and hospitals. There are even floors made by using a pressed combination of burlap, canvas, linseed oil and flour! Almost makes me hungry. Laminate flooring can be manufactured to look like almost anything and tiles are made in a wild array of planet friendly styles and textures. Even the rugs have gone green!
What about the walls? Your green bathroom remodel could even mean painting the walls… er… green. How about soy based paint? Clay paint, which can look like adobe is a natural choice and one that will give the room a rustic or Tuscan feel. You can have your milk and paint it too… by using all natural organic milk paint. Not only do these paints look beautiful, but they last as long or longer than regular latexes. Also, new paints are coming on the scene all the time to not only make your home brilliant, but many are made to fight germs and reduce mold and mildew!
Low flow, water saving faucets and shower heads are designed now to feel just like the old kind, but use much less water. This is due to atomizers and pulsators that mix air and H2O and reduce the actual amount being delivered. This not only saves water, but the energy to heat the water as well. And, the new designs are very cool, with new materials and finishes to match anything!
So, before you start in on that bathroom remodel, think about making it a green bathroom remodel. Take a look around your bath and see what you can do to bring that room into the twenty first century! Then go spend some time in a big box retailer or plumbing or bath fixture store. See what they have to offer and how you can save some money and the planet while you’re there.…