Small Kitchen? No Problem!

When you have limited space and big ideas, your ideal kitchen can seem like an impossible dream. If you have big ambitions but very little room, take a look at these kitchen design ideas that will make the most of your space and make your kitchen work for you.

Walls and ceilings

It may seem odd but making the most of these areas, rather than using the limited surface spaces in your smaller kitchen is guaranteed to make it seem more spacious. A wall mounted rack will save you space in cabinets.

In addition to using the wall space, think about maximising space on the ceiling! Hanging racks for pots and kitchen essentials can be found relatively cheaply (under A�50) on both the high street and online. If you want to make it all look more uniform, make sure your pots and pans are all one colour and stick to a theme – otherwise it could look cluttered.

Cupboard doors

Increase the storage capacity of your cupboard by adding accessories to the back of the door. Spaces for items like salt and pepper pots, herbs, spices and canned goods, will keep your surfaces clutter free.

The same is true for your bin – if you can purchase or build a kitchen with a bin integrated to the back of one of the storage cupboards, it will increase the floor space you have for your kitchen design!

An island

Once you’ve made more floor space, you may have enough room for a freestanding island. This offers more surface space and purchasing one that slides away into your existing kitchen cabinets will maximise effectiveness and improve the functionality of a small kitchen.

The illusion of space

If you have the means, it can be a great idea to keep the floor from the adjacent room consistent with that of the kitchen. It will create uniformity and the idea of a larger space.


On a micro level, simply chucking away any non-essentials such as items you haven’t used for 1-5 years will create space. Although it sounds ridiculously simple, lots of people love to hoard that fondue set that’s never seen the light of day.

When faced with a small kitchen, many see the negatives – less space to cook, no room for all the things they currently have and it all seems a bit of a headache. However, using these space saving measures will help and look on the bright side – you can afford to choose higher end materials minus the higher end cost you’d get kitting out a massive kitchen and you still get the same functionality!

By Muezza