Replacement Windows and Energy Efficiency is Sexy – Per President Obama

While strolling through a Home Depot for a media spot a few weeks ago, President Obama was quoted as as saying, “Energy Efficiency is sexy.” This, as one can imagine, caught the ears of reports who quickly spread the tag line across all media outlets.

Obama was referencing the tax credits the government gives for replacement windows and other such energy saving home improvement projects. And if the public’s mindset is one that perceives energy efficiency as “sexy”, people will buy.

Why Use the Word “Sexy”?

The tobacco companies have used this tactic since the dawn of time. By highlighting their product as cool, they attract the likes of young adults trying to find any way to fit in. If the public thinks smoking is cool, then why not go buy a pack cigarettes and look cool with the rest of them.

President Obama is well aware of this effect, as are his public relations team, and the lobbyists for home improvement companies. So with cameras rolling and reporters eating up every word, President Obama’s reference to energy efficiency and sexy, was an attempt at reaching the subconscious of the public.

Next time homeowners are considering a home improvement project, how about replacing those old leaky windows instead of redoing the floor. Cause hey, an energy efficient home is sexy.

Replacement Windows are Sexy

At least this attempt at taking advantage of the consumers mindset is for a good cause. The truth is, an energy efficient home is good for the economy. It supports countless numbers of new jobs made available by investments into new green technology. It supports the home improvement companies that have based their entire marketing plans on energy efficiency.

Replacement windows are one such project that can reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 40%. Just imagine if every home was able to afford new windows. Think about the reduction of home energy consumption.

By Muezza